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“100 Great Sales Ideas”

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   “100 Great Sales Ideas”


28th October, 2009
Amari Atrium Hotel, Bangkok
09:00 am to 04:30 pm

“100 Great Sales Ideas”

Maximizing Sales Effectiveness
Creative approaches to increasing sales and profitability

  • Selling to maximize positive impact on customers
  • Using client understanding to boost sales
  • Key techniques to underpin success and differentiate from competition
  • Boost Your Sales (100 Great Sales Ideas) From Leading Companies around the World

A new workshop linked to the Bestselling book “100 Great Sales Ideas”

Book description

Selling is crucial to the very survival of any company. This book contains 100 great sales ideas, extracted from the world’s best companies, to help anyone improve their sales and their careers. Whether you are a sales manager, oversee a department, lead a company, or run a small business with a handful of employees, this book is full of innovative ideas that are designed to make a difference to your sales and the way you manage them. Each idea is summarized and delivered in a sharp and stimulating fashion, making it instantly practical and inspiring.


All businesses must operate in dynamic and competitive markets; customers are increasingly demanding and fickle, and their expectation of service and value in all their aspects increases years by year. Selling must not only be persuasive, it must differentiate clearly from competition near and far (including internationally). Yet it must reflect customers’ real needs and create and maintain ongoing business relationships.

This one day review will show you how to adopt a creative approach to selling - it sets out the principles and techniques that – proven internationally – work to:

  • Differentiate from competition
  • Link appropriately to customer needs
  • Maximize sales results.


Participants will understand:

  • The special nature of sales processes
  • What customers expect and how they will respond to business relationship being handled effectively
  • How to sell in a way that links to the nature of the product or service and create an experience that makes people want to buy and buy again.

Who should attend?

All sales staff; also those managing this function and wanting to improve their team’s performance.

Course Outline!

The current pressure and new realities of competition – the nature of markets and what it implies for sales approaches, the way in which customers view sales and sales people and how they select and make decisions to buy one thing rather than another.

Creating a powerful approach – the overall structure involved – the need to understand the client and their thinking – the detail necessary – differentiating from competition – the buyer/seller relationship: creating it and using it to build business – organizing factors that support and enhance sales meetings.

Directing the sales meeting

  • The role of organization – planning and organizing: you, the customer, the environment and the sales aids.
  • Opening – making a winning first impression – creating the right atmosphere and building rapport – getting control – identifying customers’ real needs – questioning techniques – linking to the way you describe and demonstrate the product/service.
  • Presenting your case – making a persuasive case – making it attractive, clear and credible – using the “shopping list” approach to sell the full range of “product” – maximizing differentiation and building in novel, yet useful, elements to make the approach memorable.
  • Handling Objections – the positive side of objections – keeping control – the options to deal with them – maintaining the balance of the case.
  • Closing – action to gain a commitment – what to do if things cannot be tied down – linking to follow up.
Increasing sales certainty – follow up methods, progressing the contact and the power of persistence – tying down the business – linking to ongoing sales – the written quotation and selling in writing.

Summary – action for the future.

NOTE: at every stage the emphasis is on creating an approach that is an antidote to “selling by rote” and which is distinctive, memorable and which makes customers sit up and take notice – and, ultimately, action.

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