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21st Century Marketing & Branding

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21st Century Marketing & Branding


20 December 2018
Holiday Inn Hotel
Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok
9:00 am To 5:00 pm

21st Century Marketing & Branding
A more effective become a Successful Marketer
Working on Brands in the USA, Europe, Africa and Asia gave Alex Goslar unique insights into how to implement marketing inspired branding. “Adaptations in a fast Changing Marketing Landscape”

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Ron WhiteMarketing inspired branding is a term that Alex Goslar created to describe the intrinsic link between markeitng and branding. A relationship that needs to be pursued in order to cope with an ever changing marketing landscape. It has become much harder to introduce new brands let alone increase the market shares of existing brands. Raising marketing expenditure intended to be a stimulous turns out to be ineffective for many companies and corporations. Through his work in Asia, Africa and Europe Alex Goslar gained some important insights as to why marketing has changed so dramatically. Reasons that are important to understand in order to find the right solutions that revitalize brands.

In this event Alex will share with the audience his findings which explain how each aspect of marketing and branding measures influence the way prodcuts and services are being perceived by customer’s. During this session it will become clear what function Image, Awareness and Content have in the purchase decision process. And why some brands succeed while others fails in one and the same market?

Why it is of vital importance to have a brand positioning before implementing any marketing measures. And more importantly, how to develop a relevabt and differentiating proposition not once, but on an on going basis. In the course of this event Alex will explain how to set up an innovation hub. An important institution that every manufacturing and marketing company in the 21st century should have.

In search for crucial answer Alex came across some revelations about untapped potential of brands that branch across categores, across demographics and gender. There is an explanation as to why some brands are ble to make the lucrative transition and some don’t. And since management is at the helm of business decision there is also a segment about leadership management and the hotly debated risk management. How to identify the type of risl and when to take it.

First Session - 09:00 am – 10:30 am

1. What influences your brand’s performance?

Marketing measures such as advertising amd promotions have become so common in our minds that we take them for granted. But when marketing products and services becomes more expensive and less effective we need to ask ourselves how to make the marketing effort more effective.

Each change in the market place calles for a different solution. In order to know how to effectively apply each branding measure we need to define them and consider the roles each influencer: Image, Awareness and Content. What defines a Brand? What is branding? And how is that different from marketing inspired branding? What roles brands play in peoples lives? Whether concious or subconciouslt.

  1. Image, the acquired appreciation. How sustainable is it?
  2. Awareness, the urge to be seen. What role does it play in convincing customers?
  3. How does the content of a brand come about and what is it for?
  4. What is a value proposition and is it at all measurable?
  5. Definitions: Branding, MAR-COM, Advertising.

If you haven’t been there how would you know? If you haven’t done it? How would you know? Alex Goslar has been there and has done it. Not once but many times. The synthesis and analysis in this presentation is not derived from readily available information. It is based on personal experiences.

Second Session - 10:45 am – 12:00 am

2. The marketing road Map

So many cross roads, so many turns to take. How to best identify the road to success? Beyond the traditional way of conducting research to get some answers there is “housekeeping” work that needs to be done. Following a wron analysis only leads to applying the wrong remedy. This session will explore The functions of dynamic and sustaining brandding measures. Why an overdose of choices is counter productive to sales? And how to romance the goose thst lays golden eggs? Meaning, how to create a viable brand positioning and proposition on key elements of market segentations.

  • Getting the market diagnostic right.
  • Scrutinizing the uniqueness and relevance of the brand.
  • Spelling out a marketing direction based on verified goals.
  • Marketing measures: Drip marketing, close loop marketing,
  • The fallacy of providing an overdose of choices.
During his journey through various marketing landscapes Alex Goslar discovers amazing facts about the relationships people have with brands and what lead them to these connections.

Third Session – 01:00 pm – 02:30 pm

3. Creating an innovation lab

It all points to a single most important feature in the marketing and branding mix. INNOVATION. Relevant innovation has a multiple persuasion effect over advertising and promotion activities. That means that a new product feature, whether a practical packaging, a usable function or a new product variation under the same brand will sell infinitely better than an elaborate and expensive advertising campaign for a parity product. As logical as it may seem only a few companies are entertaining an effective innovation lab. Partly because innovation lab does not have a clear return on investment plan. In this session some basic measures for setting up an internal innovation lab will be discussed.

  • Venture capitalists are interested in competitive and viable ideas.
  • In marketing innovation means developing a discernible and yet unresolved issues.
  • The process, from fluke to a viable idea to implementation.
  • Who should be involved in the innovation lab and who should preside over it?
  • The five ethical guides of working on innovation.
While novelties of products and services can be executed through proxies and affiliates, it is imperative that the innovation lab is an intrinsic part of the company. At the age of growing numbers of “Me too brands” where relevant innovations are being copied at an astonishing rate companies are well advised to prepare themselves up front, implementing sufficient protection measures.

Forth Session – 03:00 pm – 04:30 pm

4. Focus, leadership management.

Managers are making important decisions. Leaders are making the crucial decision. In all markets in all courtiers the resolve of managements provides a crucial guide to success. It is not only the image of a leading figure that attracts employees but the inner resolve of management towards the company and its people. There are uncountable ways of effective management. Leadership management distinguishes itself by its ability to make crucial decisions and stand up for the consequences. Working with CEO’S in various countries Alex consider himself privileged to befriend with some leadership figures. In this session no names will be dropped. Instead the quintessence of leadership will be presented in a few pointers.

  • Covert and overt outgoing position of management.
  • The trust factor. How to earn trust credit points.
  • Empowering employees is not a replacement for management leadership.
  • Risk management. What types of risks are there and what risk should be considered?
  • The decision making chart.
  • Salvaging conflicts of interest.
Some of the strongest and well established brands experienced turbulence due to management default. On the other hands leadership management was able to “rescue” some brands that were doomed to decline, by the sheer force of their conviction. A virtue worth learning from,

What would you get from attending?

Ron WhiteSince each and every brand in every market has a different predicament, the marketing inspired branding programs are flexible in their implementation. The templates included in these sessions indicate how you could use them for your particular situation. Alex Goslar believes that there is always a way of adding value to brands and reap incremental profits from that added value.

In this seminar you get the pure synthesis of experiences on the job form various categories and business sectors. All the key findings were formulated by Alex Goslar and cannot be downloaded from the internet.

Attendees have the privilege of using them for their own situation. References for some from other sources are marked as outsource reference. These too are proprietary.

AIM Inlines together with AIM Training Co., Ltd. will be Organizing Alex Goslar Seminar Second time in Bangkok on 20 December 2018 @ Holiday Inn Hotel Bangkok!!!

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