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21st Century Marketing & Branding

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21st Century Marketing & Branding


Ron WhiteAlex Goslar - After receiving my diploma in Vienna Austria, I started my career as a commercial communicator in London. Two years later I came to Bangkok to work on brands such as Nestle and Kimberly Clark. Chicago was next on the agenda where I got a job at the multinational Leo Burnett Company. Amongst the assignment bestowed on me was the creative work on international corporations such as Procter & Gamble Kraft foods, Mc Donald’s and United Airlines. After my tenure of eleven years in The United States it was time to return to Europe. In Frankfurt Germany I worked as a European Creative Director on international accounts for 13 countries.

During this time I was able to create some distinctive campaigns for such global brands as: Mc Donald’s, Kellogg’s Breakfast Cereals, Oscar Mayer, Phillip Morris, several P&G Brands, Volvo Cars, BASF Video and Audio tapes, Vick Pharmaceuticals, and many more. Some of these campaigns not only elevated brands to a higher position in the market place, but also earned international awards.

It all started with an innate drive to explore and discover what was not to be found in Vienna at that time. At each step of my professional journey I was particularly interested in people’s behavior and motivations. It was a gate opener that enabled me to find insights.

Working at SF& Partners on Fleet Street provided vast experience regarding Europe’s primary communication hub. In this highly competitive environment I began to record first hand experiences with clients and customers. This prompted me to summarize my experiences in a Haiku book titled Eternal memories.

Returning to Germany I took up a job at DDBO in Munich before taking up a position as a creative director in the newly established branch of Masius Wayne Williams in Vienna. This position demanded staff motivation and evaluation skills which were part of working with a copy writer and an art director from Finland. At Masius Wayne Williams I worked on large international brands like Colgate Palmolive, Mars Pet foods, Dunlop tires and many more.

After 3 years at Masius Wayne Williams which included several orientation trips to LONDON, things became a routine. And it was time to embark on the next challenge in marketing communication.
In December 1971 I arrived in Bangkok commencing a one year contract which extended to two before I got my first home leave in the early 70’s, Bangkok was booming and advertising pioneers such as David Lander and Barry Owens were working overtime to create some remarkable ads. The Agency grew and was looking out for association with an international Company. Leo Burnett was tentatively interested in a fusion.

But the head office of Leo Burnett in Chicago was slow to react to the local euphoria. In 1979 I went to Leo Burnett in Chicago to attend an International Think Tank which later on opened up an opportunity to work there. A new storytelling style of advertising that I developed in Bangkok was catching on. Some of my TV ads earned recognition in international competitions in the all Tokyo TV advertising. After having written award winning advertising campaigns in Bangkok it was time once again to reconsider my next professional goal was to build Brands in the USA.

USA was indeed a challenge and a good school in building Brands. A sophisticated marketing environment with high caliber colleagues working on world Brands, Here I got the opportunity to work at the incubator of Brands for such Companies as P&G, and United Air lines. To my advantage I had the experience of working with different people in different countries, while most of my colleagues never left the USA.
My international experiences prompted Leo Burnett management to send me as a trouble shooter, solving some difficult creative tasks. I was sent to Canada to work with CEO David Ensor. And to Spain to working with Jorje Paya.

During my years at Leo Burnett Chicago I have managed to create some remarkable campaigns that got me promoted. But with the exposure came also the difficult task I got invited by the University of Des Moines to hold a series of workshops on the subject of Branding. Subsequently I held a seminar in Madison Wisconsin. From Chicago to New York and Los Angeles where my work received numerous accreditations and awards.

After a while I received an offer to become a senior vice President of creative services at JWT in Chicago. A position that enabled me to learn what it was like to run a big section of a global corporation.
After having spent 11 years in the USA Leo Burnett offered me a position as a Euro Creative Director in Germany.

Europe was as always a fertile ground for new ideas. Now, at the beginning of the 90’s the iron curtain between East and West Germany began to crumble. In 1990 Leo Burnett staged a Creative Conference in East Berlin inviting creative from all over the world to congregate at the Brandenburg Gate.

With the socio political changes in Europe, my realm of responsibility grew as well and for some Brands I had the creative responsibility for 13 countries. In 1994, the year that the apartheid regime in South Africa ended. Since my international assignments included South Africa I was invited to be the Judge at the advertising Awards in Johannesburg.

By 1997 having served the Leo Burnett Company for 21 years. It was time to change my aspirations once again. Instead of working on established global accounts started marketing inspired branding company in Bangkok. I have written new Brand Building Programs based on my experiences and adjusted it to the Asian market.

I found new challenges in Africa and Asia that fertilized my creative thinking. Besides building brands I am conducting seminars and workshops on the subjects of marketing inspired branding which inspires me to write articles for the local Brand Age Magazine.

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