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24/7 Innovation

Stephen Shapiro

   24/7 Innovation (Creativity & Innovation)


10th of July, 2008
Radisson Hotel
9:00 am To 4:00 pm

24/7 Innovation - Surviving and Thriving in an Age of Change

World-Renowned Authority & Expert in Innovation & Creativity
Create a Culture of Innovation in Any Organization

Discover how to…

  • Get EVERYONE in your organization to contribute to innovation
  • Improve the value of your innovation with an alternative to suggestion boxes
  • Increase the creativity of your employees – by being less goal-obsessed
  • Develop breakthrough ideas with one simple technique
  • Create more innovations at lower cost………

24/7 InnovationChange is the only constant in business and when the pace of change outside of your organization is greater than the pace of change within, you will be out of business. How can you survive and thrive in this highly volatile environment? Only through the creation of a pervasive culture of innovation in your organization - an environment where innovation is as natural as breathing.

Stephen Shapiro will show you specific techniques for systematically moving from ad-hoc to organic innovation. Hear what leading edge companies are doing today, and what you can do tomorrow. Some of the key topics are:


Increase Innovation by Understanding Everyone’s Innovation Styles

Your organization’s ability to innovation would be supercharged if every employee understood how they contribute to – and detract from – the innovation process. To help provide these insights, Stephen developed a highly interactive game where you (and your employees) trade specially designed cards. This process helps reveal your preferred innovation style and shows how you can best contribute to the success of your organization. This will also help you build high performing innovation teams within your organization.

Increase the Quality of Your Creative Ideas

An innovative organization is built on new ideas. But what if your employees lack the skills to think creatively? The good news is, everyone is creative. Unfortunately many have learned bad habits that stop innovation from emerging. Stephen will teach you his powerful creative techniques that can solve your most pressing business problems.

Get the Most Value from Your Innovation Investments

Your organization must be aligned behind a clearly defined innovation strategy. But do you know what yours is? Do you know how innovation can help you beat the competition? Do you know how to target innovation within your organization? Do you know how your innovation strategy translates into a direct blueprint for change? Stephen will give you a specific framework for creating lasting results in your organization.

Want to know how to make innovation a reality in your organization? Stephen Shapiro will show you how!

Click below to meet Stephen Shapiro:


For more information on bringing 24/7 Innovation to your organization, please contact:

AIM Client Services 02-2700-984-5
outside Thailand ++66-22700-984-5

Complete Registration form and fax to 02-2700-986
Outside Thailand ++66-22700-986

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