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Algirdas Karalius Algirdas Karalius
No 1 Expert in Europe in the field of rapid skills development.

He won the prestigious Lithuanian National Prize in 1995 and was awarded the Grand Duke Gediminas Order of the Commander's Cross, the St. Christopher statuette and the Gold Label of the Lithuanian Artists' Union.

He has 27 years of coaching experience in 19 countries.

Algirdas wrote his first book "The Instinct of Success" and became one of the most famous motivational speakers in Eastern Europe.

Algirdas Karalius is an active popularizer of speed memorization, reading and mental mathematics, the author of 15 books on various aspects of active learning. He is the author of the fastest methods of learning foreign languages. His methods are used to learn English, German, Chinese, Italian, Hebrew and other languages.

Algirdas Karalius Algirdas is the author of the method of natural language proficiency - DAPA. This method is very successfully represented by Ukrainian company "ALOHA Language School" and within the framework of ALOHA Pro, the program has become a real revolution in the market of foreign languages teaching programmes.

Karalius has founded the world's first school of visual algorithmic language Drakon - Drakon language school. He was the first to make a successful attempt to use space technology Drakon for the needs of medicine and business, thus, helping to display very complex processes in a very simple form.

Hundreds of companies in Lithuania, America, Ukraine and Israel have already started using the language of Drakon instead of complicated job descriptions. It has become a real sensation in the field of business processes description.

Algirdas Karalius Pictures with Media

Algirdas Karalius For the last 10 years, Karalius has specialized in fast teaching methods. He created a number of authorial programmes, aimed at helping people master any skill as quickly and efficiently as possible. Among his authorial programmes of fast teaching, one can find the following: "Smart reading system" or "How to increase the ability to process information 125 times faster", "Speed memory", "Fast method of learning to draw", "Musical instrument in a weekend", "How to learn to type quickly in a weekend", etc. Additionally, doctors and pharmacists in many countries of the world are taught through his methods.

Algirdas' credo is "Life is too short to be bad."

Algirdas Karalius The basic idea that Algirdas promotes is "Everyone has talent! You can train any person. Moreover, you can master any skill in record time, and the process will be fun and interesting. Algirdas is certain of one thing - the best way to prove a point is not to throw the words around, but to get in the ring of ultimate fighting, and to really prove that your school is the strongest. He has proved this lot of times in real ultimate fights and he is ready to fight for his ideas to the last breath anywhere in the world.

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