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MGC - Memory Genius Conference in Thailand 2018
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David ThomasDavid Thomas
is an International Speaker, Author and Media Personality. He is a World Memory Championships Medalist, having developed one of the most powerful memories in history.

He is a current world Memory record holder, having memorized and recited 100 individually shuffled packs of playing cards getting just 12 wrong out of 5200. His amazing memory skills led to an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which went out to 20 million Americans and 112 countries.

"David Thomas has earned his place in history for his superior mind."
-Oprah Winfrey-

Shocking Childhood:
David's childhood was one of terrible abuse at the hands of his alcoholic mother and aged physically abusive stepfather. At 16, he attempted suicide twice, got in trouble with the police, was kicked out of school and received a criminal conviction.

He left home, turned his life around and joined the Fire Service. He was an operational fire-fighter for 11 years. During that time,

He bought a book on memory to help him pass his exams. 8 months later he entered his first World Memory Championships and went on to develop one of the most powerful memories in history.

Memory Achievements:
Sunday Times #1 Best-Selling Author, GuinnessĀ® Record Breaker, Global Speaker, Media Personality
David Thomas Medal

  World Memory Championships Medallist

  International Grandmaster of Memory

  US memory record breaker for memorising 160 digits in 5 minutes

  US Memory Champion

  World memory record holder for memorising and reciting 100 individually shuffled packs of playing cards

  Guinness memory record breaker - memorised and recited the mathematical formula Pi (3.14159...) to 22,500 digits from memory and without error

Improving Your Memory:
Published in 16 countries by Penguin under the Dorling Kindersley imprint More than 120,000 copies have been sold to date worldwide.

Tell Me Why, Mummy:
This book charts David's brutal life story and subsequent success It became a Sunday Times #1 bestseller.

Speaker & Media Personality:

  David has spoken in 21 countries during the last 20 years

  Venues have included Caesar's Palace and Tower of London

  David has appeared more than 500 times in the media

  He has appeared on television in more than 150 countries

More than 1 Million People Have Read David's Books
Guinness Memory Record Breaker, London Times #1
Best-Selling Author

David Thomas Book David Thomas Book

Global Author, Speaker, Media Personality

David Thomas Newspaper David Thomas Newspaper

Dave Farrow Media Interviews

David Thomas Cards

AIM Inlines together with AIM Training & Thai Youth Foundation will be organizing 2 days "MEMORY GENIUS CONFERENCE" with 3 Guinness Book of World Record Holders LIVE in Bangkok, Thailand for 1st Time on
15-16 DECEMBER 2018 @ Plaza Athenee Hotel

Call now to reserve your seats for this mega event:

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