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The World's Fastest Reader &
Guinness Book of World Record Holder
LIVE in Bangkok

Scientifically Proven To Work

We performed a double-blind study on a group of one hundred individuals. Every individual was tested for speed and comprehension using the Nelson-Denny, a standardized test both before and after taking Maximum Power Reading. Everyone increased their reading speed by at least 100% with excellent comprehension in a single session.

While Fortune 500 companies are using Howard's strategies to increase productivity and profits, Howard's program is also highly respected for how it empowers students for academic success

Howard was a partner in an online Senior and Junior High School whose students were trained to use his accelerated learning strategies for their studies. When you look at some of their results, you might think they were bionic...

Howard Students Achievements

  Stephen Terry, graduated University of Texas at Arlington at 16 with a 4.0     GPA, and earned his Master's Degree in Math at Oklahoma University at 19     with a 3.97 GPA.
  Micah Stanley passed the California Bar at 19 years of age.
  Justin Brumit, started off as a "C" student, and became a college English        Professor at 22.
  Brad Voeller completed his four-year degree in six months while attending     Thomas Edison online college.
  The average student in my school graduated high school with 20-45 college     credits by using my revolutionary brain-based learning strategies.

These same learning strategies will take your business to the next level. The only difference between Howard's students and you are what they were reading.

Students read a Biology book, and you need to read a spread sheet or business manual. The reading and learning skills that empowered these students are also empowering professionals around the world, just like you, to stay on top of vital information.

How To Triple Your Learning:
Discover Howard's revolutionary system for taking notes that will triple your learning during any live event.

The Science of Learning & Retention:
Howard will share with you how to increase your learning of any information.

Emotional Intelligence Strategies Vital For Success:
No more finding yourself exhausted with more work to accomplish. Learn a brain-based learning strategy that will instantly give you the burst of energy you need to complete important tasks.

Get nervous taking exams or speaking in public? Does worrying and anxiety distract you from accomplishing your goals? Learn a simple technique for triggering your brain's natural relaxation response at will. You will be able to quickly and easily get into a relaxed state so you can accomplish far more each day.

Finally, learn the secret for focusing and concentrating your mind. You'll love your ability to push all distractions aside to complete precisely what you need to get done each day

Quick Start And Insight Into The Causes Of The Information-Explosion And A Proven Solution:
Your program kicks off with an immediate increase in your reading speed to empower your success. You will quickly and easily accelerate your reading speed using an easy to follow strategy that is just the beginning of your new learning super power.

Understanding How To Supercharge Your Comprehension:
Unlike most speed reading programs that rely entirely upon mechanical skills, Maximum Power Reading will teach you psychological strategies for both increasing your reading speed and comprehension.

Understanding how you brain transforms the symbols in text into meaningful information will empower you to comprehend and retain information that would have been impossible to learn at high speed in the past. Using your system, Howard Berg was able to complete a four-year Psychology program in a single year by taking 18 credits of science in both of his senior year semesters at the State University of New York at Binghamton.

Howard taught himself how to use Photoshop in just 3 hours' time, a skill that can take up to four years in college.

As an added bonus, once you understand how your mind comprehends text, you will also be able to create "brain-friendly" materials that your clients, prospects, and associates will find easy to read, understand, and apply over a broad range of topics. Resulting in greater customer satisfaction, more referrals, and greater profits.

Mastering The Three Levels Of Learning:
All information is not the same. Discover the three levels of learning, and how to use them to master any subject in a fraction of the time.

How To Perform Math Like A Human Computer:
Imagine being able to perform even complex mathematical computations in your head accurately, and instantly. In just minutes, Howard will reveal release your innate mathematical ability as you astound yourself with your new found power of instant calculation.

How To Cut Learning Time By 80% Using A Breakthrough Collaboration Strategy:
Picture your team learning new laws, rules, regulations, technologies, and more 80% faster with better results. Your breakthrough collaboration strategy is so powerful that group enlisted men were able to earn their MBA's in a single year, and graduate with honors. No more struggling to plow through large texts and regulations that everyone in your firm needs to learn.

How To Eliminate Writer's Block:
Imagine being able to complete all your writing assignments on time-all the time. You will learn the cause for writer's block, and how to get into creative state on demand to create high quality writing whenever you need it. Whether you are writing marketing copy, training materials, or reports for school, you will be able to write on demand using these powerful strategies.

How To Speed Read People:
Does it ever seem like you a speaking in AM, and people listening to you are tuning on FM? Discover the primary wavelengths of human communication, and how to use them to become a powerful communicator that people love to hear.

How To Switch On Your Inner Genius:
If you are like most people you believe you need to born a genius. Howard has discovered how to release anyone's innate genius using revolutionary brain-based learning strategies. Unfetter your imagination and learn how to transform your dreams into reality.


Creator of Fast Teaching Methods,
Rapid Skills Development Expert &
Guinness Book of World Record Holder
LIVE in Bangkok

1. The 4th industrial revolution. People or robots: who wins?
Every newspaper is writing about how the world has come to the 4th industrial revolution phase: I.T. technologies and robots are constantly are pushing people out of their work place. Computers win against people in chess and Go. Computer work effectiveness and power are increasing every day. While our brains aren't able to cope with the huge amount of information that it receives. What is the main reason that computer win against people? The answer: recently humans invented a new MACHINE LEARNING ALGORITHM. But the world doesn't have a LEARNING ALGORITHM FOR HUMANS. So the time has come to change that.

2. Fast changing world sets new educational standards
Scientists claim that if you want to master a professional skill you need to spend 10,0000 hours on that skill. But even after all that time only 3% of people reach that standard level in a particular skill. In this fast changing world these results do not match the requirements of society. The main reason of this long and not effective learning is the traditional education system. Traditionally we first learn theory then we try to understand how to adapt that theory in to practice. Then we try to use it in our daily lives and work. And the main method that we are suggested to is the trial and error method. Exactly that becomes one of the ineffective learning reasons. Can we do something about it? We can if you flip everything upside down.

3. 4 step method" of fast skills building
If you want to master any practical skill fast and easy we would have to use the 4 step CASCADE methodology.

1st step is Modeling: in this step we take a person or company that already knows how to do something very well.

2nd step is Algorithmization: in this step we the knowledge and skills of an expert and we put it in to simple algorithm steps. The best way to this is to use visual algorithmic language "DRAKON". "DRAKON" helps to turn the most difficult processes into very simple ones. For more detail go to

3rd step is Simulation Algorithmic Training (S.A.T.). It is a revolutionary teaching method that I created and which allows you to organize teaching method without mistakes. Using this method students spend 100% of the time learning without mistakes. This method speeds up learning.

What are the benefits of using this method? Instead of 10,000 hours you spend up to 100 hours. The second benefit is that, instead of 3%, 97% of people reach their desired level of skill. The third one is that, the whole cost of learning drops. And the fourth one is that, the requirements of students drop so it means that you can teach a big number of students in a short period of time which is very relevant i a vastly changing economic.

4th is Integration. The biggest problem of traditional teaching is that there's too much theory and too enough practice. Using (S.A.T.) people are prepared during the teaching to solve practical problems. And the integration process, a new work place happens very fast and easy. People the next day after learning are already ready to work.

4. "No mistakes" approach.
When the traditional teaching system the trial and error method people learn a lot of wrong skills and in order to change them you need to put in ten times the effort. A big part of mistakes reduce motivation and self-confidence. Using (S.A.T.) we avoid mistakes and we keep 100% motivated students. And that means that the learning process becomes very enjoyable. Happiness in a learning process becomes the biggest accelerator for learning.

5. Simulational algorithmic training (SAT) as the new way in fast skills building
We use (SAT) in different areas: preparing medical doctors, salesmen, managers, military Special Forces, artists. And in all of those areas the response has been that (SAT) is a very effective method. The most common student reaction before lessons is that it is impossible. But after the lessons 95% of students said - WOW! That was very simple easy and fun.

6. The 4th evolutionary wave. Brain Development
The human brain has experienced 3 evolutionary jumps. The first one happened when writing was invented. The second one was when the printing machine was invented. The third jump happened when the internet and visual information tools were invented. And the fourth jump will come with information algorithmization. Until now algorithms were used to program computers and robots. And now the time has come for the humanly algorithms. We must tech people algorithmic thinking because it is necessary for anyone who wants achieve extraordinary results. And "DRAKON" language is a good instrument to achieve this.

7. "Kolibri method" as the fastest way of mastering foreign languages
"Kolibri method" is the fastest way to make a breakthrough in a foreign language in 7 days. It's a unique method that has been tried by 7000 people from different countries. Its purpose is to give people wanting to learn a new language the correct tools. In 7 days they get all the necessary phonetics, vocabulary, and grammar rules. They also learn the 4 step "DAPA" method which teaches to understand native speaker's want to talk fluently. So all that is left after 7 days is to practice in everyday life. You don't need any handbooks, teachers and special tools. For more detail visit,

8. Hybrid Lab. New platform for educating doctors.
Together with Lithuania's Crisis investigational center we created the first hybrid lab. It's a unique teaching system which medical students and experienced doctors for practical skills without any teacher. This teaching system uses (SAT) and simulators. This system has proven to be so effective that affiliates have appeared in America, China, European countries. In worldwide medical doctor teaching experts opinion Hybrid Lab is the #1 innovation in simulation teaching. For more details go to

9. Algorithmic approach in educating sellers
Every year billions of dollars are invested in seller preparation. But traditional seller teaching results are unsatisfactory. The main reason for the ineffectiveness is that they don't form the skill in to automatization. And after the lessons information is forgotten and not applied. Using (SAT) the situation changed. The next day after the lessons students can apply new skills in the work place.

10. Weekend educational challenge. Master how to play guitar, paint pictures for 16 hours only.
Surveyed a 1000 people if they how to draw. 99% answered that they don't know how to draw and are confident that if u want to draw you need to have talent and a lot of practice. Using fast skill building principle we can teach people to draw and play music instruments in 1 weekend. And in the teaching process we didn't find any people that didn't have talent.

AIM inlines together with AIM Training & Youth Volunteer Development Association will be organizing 2 days "BRAIN INTELLIGENCE CONFERENCE" with 3 Guinness Book of World Record Holders LIVE in Bangkok, Thailand for 1st Time on 30-31 MARCH 2019 @ Grand Ballroom - IMPACT (Muang Thong Thani)

Call now to reserve your seats for this mega event:

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