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AGENDA - Day 2

2 Time Guinness Record Holder for Greatest Memory DAVE FARROW
LIVE in Bangkok

Farrow Brain Intelligence Conference

Walk into a room and instantly command respect and admiration with your brain power after this 2 days conference.

Inside your brain there is a simple trigger that will allow you to instantly activate a super memory, focus, and genius ability without strain or repetition.

Dave Farrows the two time guinness record holder and memory researcher will show you his unique method to make you have a super powerred brain in one day.

The Dave Farrow method is an international best selling system with over 10 million in sales worldwide. It is also proven to work better than other systems in a university neuroscience study.

Dave Farrow will teach you to activate your miracle mind and attract anything you want in life. Unleach better IQ and Focus while being able to negotiate better and read peoples intentions, memorize facts and lessons so you always have the right answer and much more!

Dave will memorize an entire deck of cards giving a card to each person and still remember your card all day, and then teach you how to do it yourself! You will be amazed as you learn the power of the human mind and gain the respect and admiration of everyone around you! The greatest leaders in history have used the names memory techniques to command respect.

Day 2 highligts:

  How to develop the Global Mindset
  How to think like Genius & Unleash the genius inside you
  Secret to activate your brains focus and memory instantly
  Discover the visualization techniques to attract your perfect life to you
  Your brain power will impress others and bring you more respect and admiration.
  You will have a smart mind that can recall the right facts off the top of your head at will
  You will become a powerful and loved leader knowing all of your team member's names & profiles
  You can become the number one salesperson when you remember your client details & presentations


Super Brain Program

Day 2: Bring the Workshop to Life
Understand How to Activate YOUR Brain Power

8:00 am Registration
9:00 am Miracle Mind

Secret to activate your Brain Focus & Memory instantly

This course goes way beyond memory tricks to unleash the power inside every mind. Dave shows you how to create miracle results in your life through the power of the mind. Dave has personally used this visualization system himself and for his successful clients, to create the life is dreams.

Career, personal life, success are all based on the minds power to see the right path and connect to greater power to bring that wish into reality. These unique Visualization techniques are not taught anywhere else.

Dave teaches you the principles of a miracle mind then show you the perfect morning routine to bring success to you. This simple morning meditation makes your day go exactly the way you want it too. (Use by top athletes and performers)

Destination setting: Dave goes beyond goal setting to awaken your true destiny. This experience can change your life. Then take that destiny and bring it to you creating it in your life right away. Don't wait for your destiny discovers how to make it happen right now.

Introduction: How your brain really works.

The secrets leaders have been using for millennia to unlock genius. This Super Brain Program was developed to improve more than just memory but also to raise your I.Q and focus.

Dave teaches how to discover your memory mode and customize the training to suit your brain. Dave Farrow does a live memory demonstration.
10:30 am Coffee Break & Networking
10:45 am Perfect flow and Genius Productivity:

This program has been proven in a powerful scientific study. You will maximize your IQ and genius. Plus gain the powerful ability to read peoples intentions by looking at body language. Dave also covers mental tricks to win negotiations and predict what will happen in your future.

Then Dave shows you how to become a mental machine with the Farrow Focus Method: Discover that your brain runs on chemistry and most study habits actually make you dumber. Learn how to run your brain like a machine maximizing your focus.

If you want to accomplish more in less time, write books, ace courses or learn new skills the focus method gives you the ability to block out distractions and focus in your peak mental stage for as long as you need to accomplish the task. Similar to interval training for muscles the Focus method trains the brain to operate at peak flow state for hours.

Test of this method showed that students increase their focus and productivity by 5X on average.

1:00 pm Powerful Memory Techniques
& Accelerated Learning:

Dave will show you the techniques to effortlessly memorize numbers, names, facts, languages, and more. You triple your memory and triple your confidence and self-esteem when you discover the power of your brain!
2:30 pm Coffee Break & Networking
2:45 pm Activate Mastery Mind State:

Use your new focus power combined with the memory principles to master all information and new skills you encounter. Then Dave shows you how visualization and mental training can give you a brain like a top athlete or performer cool under pressure and able to perform amazing things.
4:30 pm Q&A, Book Signing, Photo Session & Close

AIM Inlines together with AIM Training & Youth Volunteer Development Association will be organizing 2 days "BRAIN INTELLIGENCE CONFERENCE" with 3 Guinness Book of World Record Holders LIVE in Bangkok, Thailand for 1st Time on 30-31 MARCH 2019 @ Grand Ballroom - IMPACT (Muang Thong Thani)

Call now to reserve your seats for this mega event:

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Fax: 02-377-2294
Mob: 085-1313-835
OFFICIAL LINE ID: @aimtraining


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