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Multiply Your Impact

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Kane Minkus 




  Multiply Your Impact


15 September till 17 September, 2017
Holiday Inn Hotel
Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok
9:00 am To 4:30 pm

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Multiply Your Impact is the premier training globally on sales, NLP, speaking, influence and negotiation. Over 3 days, international trainer, Best Selling Author and 32 times Serial Entrepreneur Kane Minkus (founder of Industry Rockstar) will guide you through the most powerful techniques in the world on how to influence others and make a difference.
Specialized techniques, the science of influence and tested sales processes that have been taught around the world allow each participant to raise their ability to get more “yes” and influence people to take action.

The Training Includes The Following Curriculum
  • Neuro Science Techniques to understand how the mind works
  • NLP Rapport techniques that help you increase trust and influence
  • 5 Secret keys to getting to a yes in any sales meeting
  • Negotiation tactics to take more money off the table
  • Public speaking skills to be confident networking and giving presentations to groups
  • Formats to sell from stage
  • Ways to find speaking engagements for more visibility
  • Was to get more out of every deal you make
  • How to overcome any objection you get in your sales process
  • How to control the sales process so you always get a yes!
  • How to make sure you never give up more than you have to in a negotiation
  • Ways to change the numbers into your favor quickly
  • 5 Ways to mesmerize an audience and have them beg you for more when you speak
  • much, much, more…

Day By Day Schedule Of The Day 3 Multiply Your Impact Event

Day 1

Session 1: Influence & Rapport Skills from the NLP Tool box

Building trust in sales and influence is critical. Being able to get someone to trust you and connect with you is actually a skill set that can be learned. In this session learn how the brain works to have the feeling of safety and how you can use NLP to increase the connection and trust between you and anyone else you want to connect with. From over 30 years of neuro science research, these techniques are the core essence to how human beings influence each other.

Session 2: Emotional Sales Systems to sell high priced services and products

Each human being moves through a set of emotional stages to make a buying decision. Learn those stages and how to move them through the stages to get a yes when selling your product or services. Even if you are simply selling ideas, to the media, to your team, this process will illuminate how people experience the emotional process of making a decision that will impact their lives. Once you have this tool, you can become more influential at any time!

Session 3: Influence Triggers to have people always say yes

Did you know that human beings have sets of uncontrollable triggers to take action? As it turns out, every human has a set of core values and triggers that causes them to uncontrollably take action when you hit those triggers. In this session students will learn how to identify a clients core values and then engage in those core values to become more influential in getting them to take action.

Day 2

Session 1: Negotiation Techniques to help you take more money off the table: (Including 23 Techniques That Change The Numbers In your Favor/ How To Manage Concessions in Negotiations)

Negotiation is one of the most powerful skill sets you can have. While people often “haggle” or work on trying to prices lower, they often enter into a win/lose experience where the other person feels like they had to lose to get the deal across the line.  In this session learnt eh most important factors of a negotiation that affect it’s out come and how to negotiate more effectively for your life and business. Students will learn the nested frames of top negotiators, as well as the techniques taught to over 100K professionals at Industry Rockstar to help them become better negotiators.

Session 2: Public Speaking Skills Session 1

Public speaking is one of the most important skill sets you can acquire to create more impact, influence, money and power in the world. In this session, students will learn the secrets behind top presenters and how to transform their fears of public speaking into excitement to get in front of an audience. A set of professional techniques of top presenters will give each student a toolbox of ways to engage an audience powerfully.

Session 3: Profit Speaking Skills Session 1

Further to public speaking skills is the ability and art to be able to sell in groups. Whether it’s live seminars, webinars, teleconferences, media, etc – speaking to groups for profit is one of the most monetisable skill sets around today. Profit speaking is the highest paid profession in the world. Students will learn how to make call to actions during a presentation, how to deliver a presentation and increase the buying temperature in a room, as well as, how to comfortably identify what is the best profit selling techniques for the environment they are in.

Day 3

Session 1: Objection Handling in Sales Environments

One of the biggest challenges for sales and influence is objections or resistance points from the listener or client. Learn how to navigate through resistance every time to allow a blockage to become a flowing experience. Using NLP techniques, students will learn how to change any no or objection into a yes.

Session 2: Controlling the conversation through Questions

The person who asks the question in a sales process controls the conversation. Learn how to smoothly avoid answering questions, to regain control of the sales process, while leaving your listener in a good place. A specialized and proprietary technique called a Non Sequeter is one of the most powerful techniques you can ever learn for sales and influence. In fact as children we are all taught to “answer a question if you are asked one”. This encoding actually hurts us later in life, when we should not be answering every question we are asked if we are looking to maintain the control in a sales process.

Session 3: Leadership Session 1: What makes a top leader & The Fortune 500 CEO leadership practices

Leadership is the core of all best practices for business owners and executive leaders. In this session, the principles of top leaders are explored and interactive experiences help students test their leadership capabilities and leadership gaps. The most important areas for a CEO to focus on and a leader to develop are explored and the famous Leadership pyramid used by corporations all over the world will be unveiled.

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You will leave this session knowing how to powerfully brand, package, position yourself and sell your products and services online and offline effectively.

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