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Brain Potential Explosion

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Howard Berg


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22-23 September 2018
NOVOTEL Bangkok,
Sukhumvit 20, Bangkok
9:00 am To 5:00 pm

The World's Fastest Reader, HOWARD
LIVE in Bangkok

A Revolutionary 21st Century Knowledge-Management Solution
For Boosting Your Productivity, Innovation, & Revenue


The Information Your Success Depends Upon Doubles Every Six Months... Howard Will Prepare You For Succeeding In Your Information-Rich World.


Brain-Based Learning Solutions For 21st Century Knowledge-Management

This Maximizing Your Reading & Learning Practitioners program is developed for those who want to not only increase their learning power but also integrate it into their company’s knowledge-management strategy.

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, Howard
can read this entire page—and another as well.

Recognized as the World’s Fastest Reader (published in 1990 Guinness World Record Book), Howard Stephen Berg will share with you powerful cutting edge learning strategies.

The information your success depends upon doubles every six months creating expensive mistakes in the workplace from missed or forgotten information. In today’s knowledge-driven economy staying in control of your company’s information content is the key to success.

Howard Berg and his super-fast learning strategies were tested in a double blind scientific study that proved an average person can double their learning rate with excellent comprehension in a few short hours. Imagine what benefit you can bring to your clients or organization when you can integrate this into your company’s total knowledge-management solution.

Howard's super-fast learning strategies have been hailed as a revolutionary breakthrough by RedBook, Men’s Health, Selling, Bottom Line, and in hundreds of newspapers. He has appeared on over 1,100 radio and television programs including nine appearances on Comedy Central for his ability to blend humor and learning. You’ll love how Howard maximizes your learning skills while keeping you laughing throughout the day.

A Best-Selling Author

Howard's Time-Warner Book, “Super Reading Secrets,” is in its 28th reprint, and Barron's Books requested him to write, “Speed Reading The Easy Way,” for students. His audio-video products have grossed over $65 million, making them one of the best-selling self-help programs of all time.

Howard Berg is also the best-selling author of Speed Reading published by The Center for New Discoveries in Learning.

Howard Berg

Maximize Your Company’s Bottom Line
Using Cutting Edge Learning Strategies

Now it’s your turn to transform your information-overload into information-success. To quickly and easily stay on top of the material vital to your industry.

Just look at some of the benefits your company will experience …

• You can integrate Howard’s world respected learning solutions throughout your entire company to maximize your learning content.
• Your “C” Level associates will be able to stay on top of the latest information necessary for making decisions by staying current on important events, laws, and important business reading they simple don’t have time for now.
• Your Research and Development team will be able to bring more products and services to market faster giving you a competitive edge.
• Your salesforce will learn take less time to learn about new products and services and communicate the benefits more effectively to your prospects and clients
• Your customers will rave about how easy it is to use your products and services and give you more referrals.
• Your trainings will take less time to transfer knowledge and with better retention.
• Your teams will be able to learn vital information in as little as 20% of the time.

Howard Berg is here and ready to help you succeed!

You will get the world's fastest reader (Still holds the Guinness Book Of World Records from 1990), Howard Stephen Berg. Howard will teach you how to teach his revolutionary learning program to read and learn 100% faster in a few short hours. You will also be taught some of Howard's advanced reading and learning strategies to take your skills to the next level.


Reading your monthly stack of trade journals, magazines, and technical papers in a single afternoon instead of pouring over them night after night because you can’t seem to find time in a normal workday


Completing your next big project well ahead of schedule because the background information was quickly and easily absorbed by the entire team


Walking into your morning sales presentation knowing all the facts from the prospect’s annual report and anticipating ever question they ask…and then doing the same thing for a completely different company that afternoon, just by reviewing the information at breakfast.


Reading an entire business journal during your coffee break, and then using that information to successfully support your opinion in an important meeting that same afternoon

And Imagine…

Being happier, better informed, and more productive as the payoff

You Can Have It All…

You can achieve these amazing skills in a single entertaining session with the human potential master—Howard Stephen Berg, The World’s Fastest Reader

Your Training includes the Following:

Know-how for reading at laser fast speeds to stay on top of vital information—your competition will not be able to keep up
Brain-based learning strategies that make even complex information easy to learn and apply
How to anticipate the questions you need to answer at important meetings or on exams—you’ll always have the answers
The five power items you must learn to master any topic in a fraction of the time
How to develop a laser sharp memory to retain and recall information when you need to use it
How to stay focused under busy and stress conditions
How to quickly energize yourself to maximum alertness to increase your productivity
A collaborative learning strategy to learn any subject 80% faster with outstanding results
How to adjust your learning skills to achieve maximum efficiency in any situation
How to awaken your intuition to uncover new unique solutions to business challenges
How to create brain-friendly materials your customers, prospects, and associates will find easy to learn, recall, and use.
How to pass certification and licensing exams, and get higher degrees in a fraction of the time. Degrees that increase the value of an associate to your company.

Scientifically Proven To Work

We performed a double-blind study on a group of one hundred individuals. Every individual was tested for speed and comprehension using the Nelson-Denny, a standardized test both before and after taking Maximum Power Reading. Everyone increased their reading speed by at least 100% with excellent comprehension in a single session.

In the United States Fortune 500 companies are using Howard’s strategies to increase productivity and profits, Howard’s program is also highly respected for how it empowers students for academic success.

These same Learning Strategies will take your business to the next level with cutting edge 21st Century knowledge-management skills.

AIM Inlines together with AIM Training, will be organizing a MAXIMIZE YOUR BRAIN POTENTIAL 2 Days seminar with World's Fastest Reader & Guinness Book of World Record holder Howard Berg LIVE in Bangkok, Thailand for Second Time on 22 & 23 September 2018.

Call now to reserve your seats for this mega event:

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Fax: 02-377-2294
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