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Brain Potential Explosion

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Howard Berg





Maximize Your Brain Potential
Certification Program

Agenda for 2 Days Training

Scientifically Proven To Work

We performed a double-blind study on a group of one hundred individuals. Every individual was tested for speed and comprehension using the Nelson-Denny, a standardized test both before and after taking Maximum Power Reading. Everyone increased their reading speed by at least 100% with excellent comprehension in a single session.

While Fortune 500 companies are using Howard's strategies to increase productivity and profits, Howard's program is also highly respected for how it empowers students for academic success.

Howard was a partner in an online Senior and Junior High School whose students were trained to use his accelerated learning strategies for their studies. When you look at some of their results, you might think they were bionic...

Stephen Terry, graduated U of Texas at Arlington at 16 with a 4.0 GPA, and earned his Master's Degree in Math at Oklahoma U at 19 with a 3.97 GPA.
Micah Stanley, passed the California Bar at 19 years of age.
Justin Brumit, started off as a "C" student, and became a college English Professor at 22.
Brad Voeller, completed his four-year degree in six months while attending Thomas Edison online college.
The average student in my school graduated high school with 20-45 college credits by using my revolutionary brain-based learning strategies.

These same learning strategies will take your business to the next level. The only difference between Howard's students and you are what they were reading. Students read a Biology book, and you need to read a spread sheet or business manual. The reading and learning skills that empowered these students are also empowering professionals around the world, just like you, to stay on top of vital information.


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Session 1: Quick Start And Insight Into The Causes Of                          The Information-Explosion & A Proven Solution

Your program kicks off with an immediate increase in your reading speed to empower your success. You will quickly and easily accelerate your reading speed using an easy to follow strategy that is just the beginning of your new learning super power.

With more information printed each week, then in all of human history, you will be thrilled to learn the roots of the information-explosion and how your proven solution was developed that will make it easy for you to stay informed without the hassle.

Session 2: Understanding How Your Brain Translates Text                 Into Meaningful Information

Unlike most speed reading programs that rely entirely upon mechanical skills, Maximum Power Reading will teach you psychological strategies for both increasing your reading speed and comprehension.

Understanding how you brain transforms the symbols in text into meaningful information will empower you to comprehend and retain information that would have been impossible to learn at high speed in the past. Using your system, Howard Berg was able to complete a four-year Psychology program in a single year by taking 18 credits of science in both of his senior year semesters at the State University of New York at Binghamton.

Howard taught himself how to use Photoshop in just 3 hours' time, a skill that can take up to four years in college.

As an added bonus, once you understand how your mind comprehends text, you will also be able to create "brain-friendly" materials that your clients, prospects, and associates will find easy to read, understand, and apply over a broad range of topics. Resulting in greater customer satisfaction, more referrals, and greater profits.

Session 3: Power Tools For Increasing Your Reading Speed

Strap on your seat belt, and get ready to experience a life changing acceleration in your reading speed. You will be able to stay on top of the books, magazines, email, journals, news, and other mission critical information your success depends upon. Your competitors simply won't be able to keep up.

You will learn a variety of strategies proven to increase reading speed. This will enable you to customize your program to fit your learning style and needs quickly and easily. You can read a business journal in the morning, move on to a scientific study, and then complete you daily newspaper using the precise learning strategy that best fits your needs.

Session 4: Turbo Charging Your Results

Now the magic begins, as you blend your power tools for increasing your reading speed with your understanding of how you brain translates text into meaningful information. You'll be amazed as your begin reading 100% faster or more, so you can make short work of the all the important information you need to read each day.

Session 5: Brain-based Learning Strategies For                 Maximizing Comprehension

Unleash your mind's full learning ability with brain-based learning skills designed to make it easy to comprehend everything you need to know to stay successful.

You'll go step by step through a series of strategies making it easy for you to learn vital information. More importantly, these same strategies can be integrated into your business writing making everything you write easy to understand and use. No more confusion for you, and at the same time you will get much happier customers, prospects, and associates.

Session 6: How To Anticipate The Questions You Will                 Need To Answer At Meetings

Learn to anticipate the questions you will be asked in meetings and exams so you have the answers on the tip of your tongue every time.

Transform prospects into clients, and experience more repeat business from your customers, as you astound them with your understanding of what really matters to them.

No more wasted time trying to decide what you need to know, and hoping you made the correct choices. No more confusion as you precisely target what your prospects and clients need from you time after time.

Session 7: Targeting The Five Power Items That Make                 Learning Effortless

While reading a text, how often have you wondered how you could learn all the information in the time you have available? You will learn the five power items to learn that will enable you to master any subject in a fraction of the time.

You'll know precisely what information to focus upon, and master any subject in a fraction of the time without the stress and hassle.

Session 8: How To Cut Learning Time By 80% Using A                 Breakthrough Collaboration Strategy

Picture your team learning new laws, rules, regulations, technologies, and more 80% faster with better results. Your breakthrough collaboration strategy is so powerful that group enlisted men were able to earn their MBA's in a single year, and graduate with honors.

No more struggling to plow through large texts and regulations that everyone in your firm needs to learn.


Session 1: Emotional Intelligence Strategies Vital For                Success.

No more finding yourself exhausted with more work to accomplish. Learn a brain-based learning strategy that will instantly give you the burst of energy you need to complete important tasks.

Get nervous taking exams or speaking in public? Does worrying and anxiety distract you from accomplishing your goals? Learn a simple technique for triggering your brain's natural relaxation response at will. You will be able to quickly and easily get into a relaxed state so you can accomplish far more each day.

Finally, learn the secret for focusing and concentrating your mind. You'll love your ability to push all distractions aside to complete precisely what you need to get done each day.

Session 2: How To Develop A Laser Sharp Memory

Get ready to retain and recall important information in a fraction of the time with brain-based memory strategies designed with your brain in mind.

The variety of memory strategies will prepare you to learn diverse subjects using the precise tool that works best for you. Whether you are trying to learn new vocabulary, facts, numbers, or statistics, you'll have the precise technique that works best for you. You'll even be taught how to learn foreign languages in a fraction of the time.

Session 3: Introduction To Advanced Reading & Learning                Strategies

Now that you can learn 100% faster with excellent comprehension, get ready to be shown how to continue to improve your reading speed, and learning skills using advanced strategies.

Discover how to unlock the full power of your mind to turn what used to be challenging learning chores into easy to learn material.

Session 4: How to teach Maximum Power Speed Reading

You will learn the scientific basis for why the program works, and how to use this information to get the best results for your learners.

You will be licensed to sell all of Howard's programs. In your second session, you will learn what each program can do to empower success in your trainees. How to market and sell Howard's programs.

Session 5: Power of Prospecting

In depths look at the many ways you can reach your prospective customers using all forms of advertising and social media.

Session 6: How to double your Productivity

Howard will walk you through step by step through the entire presentation, and explain how and why each step works.

Session 7: Advanced Reading and Learning Strategies

Learn about the many new hand motions, speed up drills, and other advanced material you can use to reach your peak learning level, and teach to your trainees...

Session 8: How To Integrate Your Strategies into Your                 Products And Services

Learn how to use Howard's brain-based learning strategies to make it easy for others to learn and use your products and services. Make your products and services easy to comprehend, remember and recall, and "brain friendly."


   CEO's & Managing Director's         Online Sales
   Sales & Marketing Directors          Mortgage Brokers
   Business owners                          Stock Broker & Financial Advisors
   Outside sales reps                        Hotels/Motels/Hospital's Employees
   Credit Card Sales Reps                 ANY Consultant & Trainer's
   Insurance agents                         Insurance Sales Representatives
   IT consulting sales                       Network Marketing Professionals
   Real Estate Professionals              Police, Immigration, Army,
   Restaurant Owners                      Media & News Reporter's
   Convenience Stores                     University faculty & students
   Boutique Stores                      

AIM Inlines together with AIM Training, will be organizing a MAXIMIZE YOUR BRAIN POTENTIAL 2 Days seminar with World's Fastest Reader & Guinness Book of World Record holder Howard Berg LIVE in Bangkok, Thailand for Second Time on 22 & 23 September 2018.

Call now to reserve your seats for this mega event:

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