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Brain Potential Explosion

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Howard Berg





Maximize Your Brain Potential
Certification Program


What Companies & People saying about Howard Berg.

“Today’s marketing is becoming a battle based more on ownership of information, than on ownership or other resources. Competitors can copy each other’s equipment, products, and procedures, but they cannot duplicate the company’s information and intellectual capital. The company’s information content may constitute its chief competitive advantage.”

Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University

Some Testimonials from Satisfied Customers Just Like You…

“I feel you have moved one step beyond speed reading to speed learning, bringing the discipline into the 21st Century.”

- Maurice C Thompson Jr,
Past President and Chairman of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics

“No audience could ever fall asleep on you! We learned a lot about knowledge-management, and were mightily entertained.”

- Bill Ecker
President Rotary Club of San Francisco (Club #2)

“Evaluations showed 100% exceeded & met expectations.”

- Claire Herthum Major,
President, ASTD Baton Rouge Chapter

“I have personal found that I can read and comprehend the steady flow of technical and trade journals and company memos that used to just pile up on my desk. I would recommend your program to anyone who wants to increase their knowledge-management skills.”

- Stephen R. Keyser,
Mobil Chemical Company

“Using the guidelines of your program, we were able to develop editing, design, and layout principles that make our products more attractive and easier for the reader to grasp and understand quickly.”

- Marion Mettler,
Manager Editor of Pfeiffer & Company International Publishers

“Employees attending your training were particularly impressed with your tips on how to read people like a book.”

- Helen Steele,
Organization Performance and Employee Development,
American Airlines

“Finding the most effective methods to help students build skills has been one of my primary objectives. Many times, we spend months in the research and field testing of new materials only to find that they fall short of our expectations. I’m happy to say this was not the case with your Maximum Power Reading program.

Mega Speed Reading is not only one of the most effective ways an individual can increase their reading rate, it's easy to learn. I congratulate you on your success and the success of your students.”

- W. Berry Fowler
President and founder,
A Thousand Points of Knowledge'
and founder, Sylvan Learning Centers

"I feel you have moved one step beyond speed reading to speed learning, bringing the discipline into the 21st Century." By the way - you can use that quote in your promotions if you wish, attributing it to me as past President and Chairman of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics.

- Maurice C. Thompson, JR
Chairman of Evelyn

“No audience could ever fall asleep on you! Our members not only learned a lot about speed reading but they were mightily entertained. I can't remember a speaker who was as much fun as you were—you have a talent for showmanship that is outstanding.

Thank you so very much for coming to visit us and being our speaker today—I thoroughly enjoyed your talk and I know our members did also.”

- Bill Ecker, President
Rotary Club of San Francisco

“As president of the Baton Rouge Chapter of the American Society of Training and Development and as long-time board member, I have attended numerous local, regional and national association-sponsored seminars. In April of 2001, we had the pleasure of sponsoring a professional development seminar featuring Howard Stephen Berg. Howard's Mega Learning Workshop was a huge success and I was delighted to have met him.

In addition to learning how to read faster and comprehend more, Howard was engaging and humorous and attendees obviously enjoyed themselves during their half-day experience. I particularly appreciated his knowledge of our audience, which showed through his relevant examples and customization to our training needs.

I would recommend Howard Berg to any ASTD chapter and any individual, organization or association, regardless of industry.”

- Claire Herthum Major
President, ASTD Baton Rouge Chapter

“Thank you for sending me the extra copies of your book. I got them in the mail last week and they are just what we needed for the people who were unable to attend the "Super Reading" seminar you put on for us here at Mobil in June.

As I mentioned to you on the phone, the seminar was very well received by all the attendees. Your program does so much more than provide just the "mechanics" of speed reading. Your many techniques for determining what is important to read, utilizing schema, and improving comprehension all complement 'page rubbing" very effectively.

I have personally found that I can read and comprehend the steady flow of technical and trade journals and company memos that used to just pile up in my office. I would recommend "Super Reading" to anyone who wants to increase their business reading speed and comprehension.

I have sent information about your seminar to our technical group's training team so that as the need arises they can arrange for additional in-house seminars.”

- Stephen R. Keyser
Mobil Chemical Company

“I have been remiss in expressing my appreciation and delight for the time, energy and expertise which you so graciously devoted to our staff. Your herculean efforts to impart your wisdom on hyper learning and super reading secrets, in two energy packed back to back sessions, was both inspiring and tremendously sustaining in terms of the value we derived.

You have helped us develop a deeper awareness and greater appreciation for the importance of continual learning, developing new mental techniques of comprehension, and increasing the throughput of information. Your presentation lit the spark of curiosity for our staff, and we are now eager to learn more ways to improve our personal effectiveness in a knowledge based age.

I have also begun to circulate your name and credentials to several of our education chairmen who would greatly benefit from having you speak at their programs. I certainly hope they take advantage of this opportunity to expose their peers to your expertise.

I look forward to working with you to create opportunities to help improve the effectiveness of our members!”

- Joseph R. Rende
International Education
Research and Development Manager
Young Presidents' Organization

“Pfeiffer & Company would like to let you know that we were very pleased with the effects of your Super Reading program on our company's publications. The program was informative and lively, and we found many of the suggestions and approaches valuable for our goal of producing more reader-friendly materials.

Using the guidelines of Maximum Power Reading, we were able to develop editing, design, and layout principles that make our products more attractive and easier for the reader to grasp and understand quickly. In the speeded-up world we all live in, we believe that this offers a distinct advantage to our publishing program.

Again, we appreciated the opportunity to use imum Power Reading as one of the elements for improving our publications.”

- Marion Mettler
Managing Editor, HRD
Pfeiffer & COMPANY

“The ‘Speed Reading and Memory’ presentation you gave to our administrative group today was excellent!

It takes special talent to motivate and energize people to learn. Your information-packed, entertaining presentation did just that. All of the attendees appreciated and enjoyed your expert advice, as was evident from their comments and reactions. You were able to give us great tips on speed reading, speed math and speed writing. Your strategies for remembering lists and numbers were very helpful and I'm sure they will be put to use quickly by all of us.

Thank you for presenting such a wonderful Lunch-and-Learn program. It's extremely satisfying to find a speaker who can provide information that can be so useful for our firm and for each employee in their personal and professional lives.

We sincerely appreciated your sharing your knowledge with us! We look forward to having you back for more programs in the future.”

- Diana Murcia
Human Resource Coordinator

“On behalf of the officers and Board of Directors, I would like to THANK YOU for your participation in the 2015 Conference of the International Alliance for Learning! We had wonderful participation from around the world and from both corporate training and all levels of education, thanks in part to your skills and presentation power. We did indeed unleash some of the brain's potential in San Antonio.

I am enclosing a copy of the "Request for Proposal" for the January 16-18th, 1998 Conference in Irvine, California, Unleashing the Brain's Potential—Thinking, Learning, Acting for your information. If you would like to present again, please fill out the form completely and return it to IAL by May 1, 1997. A scoring rubric used by reviewers is also included for your information.

As always, please call the IAL office at 800.426.2989 or from outside of the U.S., at 619.634.5146 if we may be of service in any way. We look forward to seeing you in Irvine, California in January of 1998.”

- Doug McPhee
International Alliance for Learning

“On behalf of the Human Resources Department at American Airlines, I would like to thank you for taking time from your busy speaking/training schedule to share some of your secrets of accelerated learning with us.

Employees attending the lunch and learn session were particularly impressed with your tips on how to read people like a book and speed math. (I noticed some of the attendees practicing the speed math techniques as they walked down the hail following your session.)

We anticipate future opportunities to work with you to enhance employee learning opportunities at American Airlines.”

- Helen Steele
Organization Performance and
Employee Development
American Airlines

“Howard has been great to work with in terms of putting the Maximum Power Reading course together. Although he lives in New York state and travels extensively, he is easy to reach, always promptly returns my phone calls, and provides the information and materials I need in a timely fashion.

If you are considering adding Howard's Maximum Power Reading course to your programs, I urge you to do so. If 1 can provide you with any other information, please feel free to call me at (203) 7744133.”

- Margie B. Huoppi
Promotions & Credit-Free Program Coordinator

“I am writing to tell you about the impact your seminar has had on my life. Its been almost a year since I attended your seminar.

First, my reading speed has about doubled, but even more importantly, I can now quickly skim and get some information from material that I would have tossed out before. Frankly, I really believed that if I read faster I would miss a lot. Actually, my understanding of what I'm reading has improved somewhat and I seem to be remembering more.

But none of that even comes close to the REAL benefit. I now have the confidence in my new ability to power through enormous amounts of reading material. Reading has become a pleasure to me, not a chore. I now look forward to sitting down and reading business books and magazines that have been around the house for a while.

I am sure that this is giving me a major advantage over my competition and I feel that in another year I will have such a big lead in being up on current information, that my competitors will never be able to catch up with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

- Gary A. Wollin,
V.P., Investments
Wedbush Morgan Securities

“Thank you for participating as a speaker at the fourteenth annual New York Cash Exchange '96. We are committed to provide the best possible educational program at an attractive cost to attendees. Based on the evaluations we received, this year's conference accomplished that goal and your efforts were a major element of that success.

We believe it is important to tabulate speaker and topic evaluations quickly for use in setting the program for next year, as well as providing feedback to the speakers. The tabulations attached include the ratings of those attendees who completed an evaluation form.

New York Cash Exchange '97 will be held at the New York Marriott Marquis on September 3-5. If you have an interest in being part of the 1997 program, please submit your proposal by February 1, 1997. Speaking proposals that include corporate participants will receive priority consideration. Handout material is required.

If you have any questions regarding this year's conference or next year's program, call anytime.”

- Heather L. Dostaler
Conference Meeting Planner
The Fifteenth Annual NewYork Cash Exchange® '97

“We have accepted your speed reading claim for inclusion in the 1990 edition of the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS but are unable to use any of your photographs.

Your video and photos are enclosed. We will be pleased to send you a complimentary copy of the book when it is published in October.”

- Cyd Smith
Assistant Editor

AIM Inlines together with AIM Training, will be organizing a MAXIMIZE YOUR BRAIN POTENTIAL 2 Days seminar with World's Fastest Reader & Guinness Book of World Record holder Howard Berg LIVE in Bangkok, Thailand for Second Time on 22 & 23 September 2018.

Call now to reserve your seats for this Speed Reading & Learning Practitioner Class:

AIM Client Services 02-377-2293
Mob: 085-1313-835 / 086-810-4434
Fax: 02-377-2294
Line ID: @aimtraining



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