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Memory Certification Program

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Memory Certification Program

We truly believe that memory is the foundation of all skills

The human mind is the greatest computer ever created. That is the good news. The bad news is that very few people use it to its fullest potential. Memory expert Ron White will show you how to tap into your hidden genuis to catapult your business!

He will teach you to recall names, give speeches without notes, memorize chapter of books word for word, recall phone numbers, product knowledge, information from seminars and much more! Ron will memorize a 60 digit number that the group creates and he never sees and then teach you how to do it! You will be amazed as you learn the power of the human mind and grow your career and business!

Ron will teach you how you can increase your sales, multiply your business, step up your productivity, boost your self-confidence and improve your grades when YOU tap into the hidden memory genius that you already possess!

You can become an effective mangager when you remember all of the management processes
You can become a visualized, strategic thinker: when you remember all of the details
You can become an effective leader, when you remember all of your team member's names & profiles
You can become the number#1 salesperson when you remember your client details & presentations

This brain maximization exclusive 2 Day workshop will empower you to remember details more efficiently, and think more systematically.Participants will get tools and techniques onHow to maximize their-brain power. The workshop focuses on-increasing memory,in a flash. Within two days, the participants will unlock their brain limitations. You will-increase not-only more brain storage but also more brain power.

Agenda for 2 Day Workshop Certification Program

Day 1: Bring the workshop to live
Understand how to teach the different levels of Memory Training

8:30 am Registration
9:00 am
Introduction: The history of memory training and powerful demonstrations of memory performed live by Ron White. Ron will memorize a 50 digit number that he never sees in just minutes and then share how it is possible for anyone to do this!

This Maximizing Memory for Practitioners program is developed for those who want to not only increase their brain power at Maximum Level but also enhance it to help others. Understand how to teach the different levels of memory training. Understand the sequence in which memory much be taught - Be able to explain the different methods for memorizing numbers and why each is important
10:30 am Expanding your Memory: The Tools and Techniques

Expanding Your Files:
You will build 30 permanent mental files to use forever to recall information. These files will work just like files on your computer hard drive only in your mind! - You triple your memory and triple your confidence and self-esteem when you discover the power of your brain!
13:00 pm Business Applications for your Files

Learning to use your files to remember product knowledge, chapters of books, poems, speeches, presentations, numbers, facts, quotes etc……. You will understand how using your files will increase your business and sales - Recall complicated math formulas. Remove the stress of trying to recall complicated math formulas as you study for exams!
14:45 pm How to think like Da Vinci and Einstein & Triple Your Reading Speed

The human brain is an amazing machine. It is comprised of over 100 billion cells that continually adapts to changing influences while absorbing vast amounts of data, day in and day out. The problem is, it can also be a pretty independent organ, and will store that data where it wants to unless directed otherwise. That's where Ron White's amazing techniques for memory improvement come into play.
16:15 pm Q&A and Close
16:30 pm Final Exam Day 1: 75% required to pass the test

Day 2: Proven Techniques to
Maximize Your Memory Skills

8:30 am Registration
9:15 am Adult learning process for trainers
Accelerated learning process
  • The use of the full mind and the whole brain to speed and enhance learning.
  • The techniques to deliver this workshop to public
  • The Learners types
  • How to adjust these techniques to your curriculum
10:00 am Behind the memory method:

- How it works
- What is the best way to maximize your brain power
11:15 pm Workshop Activity options for trainers:
  • Expand your memory files to 100
  • Understand how to apply the system to memorize chapters of books
  • Discover how to memorize poems or quotes
  • Apply the memory method to memorizing product knowledge
  • Learn how to remember any class or speech you attend
  • Expanded training on remembering names and building relationships
  • Debriefing pattern for trainers
13:00 pm 100 Permanent mental files:
  • Why 100 files?
  • How could they help make their lives to be better?
  • How they link to the people potential boost up?
  • The linkage between theory and the practical world
    • Mental files with system thinking (Mind visualizer)
    • Mental file with Organizational vision
    • Mental file for sustainable competitive advantage
  • Activity options
  • Debrief pattern
15:00 pm Business Application
How to customize your memory brain workshop
  • Personal financial
  • Goal setting
  • Time Management
  • Strategy formulation
  • Great Leader
  • Presentation skills
  • Visualize strategic thinking
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Creative designer
  • Additional customized techniques for trainers
    • Deeper understanding on linking the details & Data synthesis
    • Things to avoid that can sidetrack a seminar
    • The best way to set up the room for a memory seminar
    • The secret to keeping the attention of a group
    • How to give memory tests to the group
    • Become a Certified Memory Specialist
16:15 pm Q&A and Close
17:00 pm Final Exam Day 2: 75% required to pass the test

With your 2 Day Certification Program you will receive the Secret and Special Files from Ron White to continue the practice. You will also receive these special downloadable bonuses absolutely FREE!

  Picture files for memorizing names, numbers & Presentations
  Exclusive access to online memory training games and software
  Ron White's popular e-Book, 22 Success Lessons from Baseball (e-book)

Don't let another day go by without tapping in to your own unique memory skills. You do have it! You just need Ron White to help you release the power of your memory!

Call now to reserve your seats for this mega event:

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Fax: 02-377-2294
Mob: 085-1313-835
LINE ID: @aimtraining


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