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Memory Certification Program

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Ron White





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Memory Certification Program


What people are saying about Ron White!!!

... The real estate professionals you spoke to represent the cream of the crop in this industry... the top 20% in the most competitive real estate marketplace in North America, if not the world. Your presentation was challenging, dynamic and interactive. I have had many of those who attended last month tell me how unique and valuable your presentation to us was. Thanks again for your enlightening and challenging presentation. You have given some of our top agents the additional ammunition they need to stay on the top of this industry.
-David Romero, Century 21 Superstars

I thought this seminar was fabulous! I think you are making a huge impact on the world and in the lives of everyone you come into contact with. Thanks for all you do and making such a huge impact in my life! I really look forward to using this every day... thanks again!
-Lerran Rallam

The seminar was amazing! You did a tremendous job teaching it! It was fun; it was educational; it was interesting; it was enjoyable and very entertaining! I am excited about what I learned and how it can help me in my work, with my family, with my relationships, in all areas of my life! Thanks again!
-Scot Clevenga, Holbrook Mortgage

Thought it was fabulous and it will help me in my life as a Mom and as a recruiter. I hope to teach my small children how to do these same things to make their school life less of a struggle than mine. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and skills with others!
-Amy Lary

Thank you so much. I'm truly amazed how much the system helps... I feel like a new door has opened, and thanks so much for that.
-Aaron Monroe

Excellent seminar! I plan on incorporating what I have learned to my work. Remembering names will provide much needed confidence - thanks. Also, this will assist me with my Toastmasters Club.
-Mike Wallis, Ebby Halliday Realtors

Wonderful seminar! I want to go again. It is amazing how our mind works. Thank you for showing us!
-Tracy Constant

The amount of information given in 7 hours was phenomenal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making something that I have struggled with for all my life seem so simple. I will recommend your seminar to many others.
-Craig Heiree,
Rockefeller Group, Telecommunications Services, Inc.

Great seminar, fun, exciting and extremely informational. Great speaker. Very motivational.
-Alex Travis

Impactful, entertaining, enjoyable and fun! Knowledgeable and useful information. Keep up the great job!
-Cathy, Norris Agency

Excellent course that will improve both my personal and business life. I will recommend to all my clients, friends and family. Thank you.
-Aaron Kinn, Keller Williams Realty

"Great course! Impressive, practical and useful in everyday life. Ron, you have a great way of presenting this process in such an interesting manner and then sneaking that ability into your students without them noticing and then allowing them to be impressed with themselves. Great motivation!"
-Betsy (Rapid Reporting)

"I went from a skeptic to a believer! This seminar has allowed me to build stronger relationships by recalling customer names. I have been able to give my sales presentations without notes and close $30,000 deals because I was so relaxed and prepared because I knew I had my product knowledge and presentation memorized! I still spend hundreds of dollars on other seminars but the difference is that I remember the information now!"
-Edric Cooley (Lone Star Refinishing)

Ron, I Love baseball, and the book that you written is one of the greatest books I have read! Thank You for all the stories, wisdom, and inspiration. You're a true man, and in lesson 16 I would place you on the same rung with Johnny Oates. THANK YOU!!!!!
-Catherine D

Ron, I have just looked at 22 Success Lessons from Baseball. You have the right stuff!!!! I love this stuff.
-Aron Walland

I won your book when you spoke in New Jersey. I don't even like baseball and your book was the most fascinating, humorous and enlighten book I have read in years! I am purchasing 5 copies to give away as gifts!
-Mary from New Jersey

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