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Communication & Presentation Skills
for Female Professionals

If you have always hesitated and felt less than effective when giving presentations of any kind, then we are here to simplify and refine the whole exercise and make it a winning experience for all concerned - your audience and you - so you can continue to shine and present with finesse - and success!

Over two days we will have time together to go through every aspect of your style, every fear you have, every uncertainty that affects your performance and has been a barrier when it comes to being in front of a group where expectations are high.

There will be no time to sit and relax - this course is full-on and you will apply techniques and skills with repeated practice to build up your confidence and capabilities to become an outstanding presenter.

What are you waiting for? Join us NOW and see and feel the benefits of your improved performance at your Very Next Presentation!


In this course, participants will understand the differences between the various communication styles and develop a Win-Win mind-set to make them effective in any circumstance.

Using the four pillars of communication, participants will learn to determine what outcome they would like from any situation by influencing and persuading; they will build rapport with others, monitor their success, and be flexible to change. They will also understand common reasons for failures in communication and know what to do to resolve them.

As part of being an effective communicator and influencer, being able to present with confidence and professionalism is essential. Through this course, participants will be given live coaching around their presentation style and be shown best practice on how to use their voice, body movements, and choice of wording. Through repetition, they will grow in confidence as one by one, the skills are layered. They will also be shown how to create a well-structured presentation and how to interact professionally with their visual aids, including PowerPoint.

This course has been designed to enable female professionals to thrive in their organizations and become more confident and effective communicators.


The Four Pillars of Effective Communication

  • Knowing your outcome
  • Building rapport quickly and easily
  • Sensory acuity and what it means
  • Flexibility being able to change if the communication is not going to plan
  • The 3 channels of communication
Identifying Preferred Communication Styles
  • Identifying your own habits and preferred way of communicating
  • Identifying the preferred style of others
  • Understanding tension between the varying styles
  • Knowing how to limit tension by flexing your style
Handling Difficult Conversations
  • Using the ACHE model to diffuse tension
  • Giving honest feedback
  • Being prepared for typical responses to feedback
Identifying the Win-Win Mind-Set and Understanding its Importance for Assertiveness
  • Passive, assertive and aggressive behaviorsBeing assertive
  • Being assertive
  • Exploring the Life Positions model
Designing a Professional Presentation
  • The 5 key elements
  • Problem: what problem?
  • PowerPoint Its uses and flaws
  • Other methods of presenting
Delivering a Presentation that has Impact
  • The 3 channels of communication and presenting
  • The overall look, appearance and impression
  • Posture
  • Legs and feet
  • Arms and hands
  • Gestures
  • Delivering without notes or props
  • Use of the voice
  • Facial expressions
  • The words used
Overcoming Anxiety when Presenting
  • Planning and preparation
  • Rehearsal
  • Top tips for calming nerves
  • Visualizing success
Powerful Communication Skills
  • Understanding perceptions and how we create them
  • Knowing how to make small adjustments for big changes
  • Realizing the power of confident communication
  • Staying calm in a crisis

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Utilize the four pillars of effective communication
  • Control difficult conversations without feeling guilty
  • Apply the win-win mind-set and become assertive
  • Design and deliver an impactful, professional presentation
  • Overcome anxiety when presenting
  • Become a confident, professional communicator

Various training methods will be used throughout the course: trainer input, group discussion, small group exercises, experiential learning, individual presentations and self-reflection. A highly interactive approach is used to encourage engagement.

Throughout the course, participants will make a number of presentations to the rest of the group which will be filmed (for personal use only) and used for self-evaluation.

As in all our workshops, the greater the personal commitment and input, the greater the benefit and results and participants are encouraged to become fully involved and immerse themselves in all the activities.

The environment is non-confrontational, relaxed and conducive to participant engagement. We design activities that take a person outside their comfort zone and encourage a person to remove their boundaries. At all times and in all activities, we are mindful of cultural and personal boundaries and sensitivities.


This course will benefit women who are in supervisory, managerial or leadership positions, or who work in teams, and would like to become more influential in the workplace through improving their communication skills. This course is a necessity for women who make presentations to colleagues and / or clients as part of their professional role.




  • Work book with related materials
  • Suggested reading material for continuous learning
  • Certificate of Attendance

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