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Managing Self...
In Order to Lead Others

Everything starts with you - and ends with you too! This is true in your role as a manager and a leader and so in order to do your job well - no let's say OUTSTANDINGLY WELL - then it is critical that you have a firm grip on exactly who you are and what you are about!

Over two days we can assist you do exactly that. Take a good look inside and get to see what makes you tick and sometimes not tick so well!

I am sure you have heard the saying that "you have to know yourself to know others" and in life this is very true. This very same fact also applies to your role as a professional.

So take a step forward with us. Develop yourself and develop your skills to manage yourself in order to lead others. Join our two-day course designed to let you see who you really are and how you can take that knowledge - embellish it - and tweak it here and there - to become an authentic and polished leader.


This course is designed for supervisors, managers and people in a leadership position within an organization, who are looking to sharpen their leadership capabilities as they navigate their daily roles, responsibilities and challenges.

It is designed for those who are aspiring to learn more about themselves and how they can better their interpersonal skills and self-management skills to bring about more effective results in those people and teams who are in their charge, and who require their leadership.

People who attend this course are interested in using and improving their influencing skills, to understanding all the aspects of persuasion and persuading others, and how to put these critical skills to optimum use in order to manage and lead others for the benefit of the organization.

The course takes the participants on an intriguing journey of self-discovery and self-reflection which does not often happen in more conventional courses, and teaches them strategies and skills that will make them shine and thrive in their jobs at work, as well as in their personal lives.

Being able to manage "self" is a highly desired competency required of every manager and leader today and it is acknowledged as being integral to the skills set of those who are placed in a leadership role.


Self-Awareness: The Full Picture of You

  • Assessing your self-awareness - the reflection in the mirror
  • Why increase your self-awareness - your current state
  • How to increase your self-awareness - look for validators
  • Self-awareness questionnaires for deeper insights
  •     Emotional intelligence questionnaire
        Interpersonal needs questionnaire
        Assertiveness questionnaire
        The 'Big 5' questionnaire
        Cognitive style questionnaire
  • Summarizing your self-awareness profile - surprised
Self-Management: Clarifying Values, Setting Goals, and Planning
  • What is actually meant by self-management
  • Self-management, your personal and social skills
  • Self-management skills - and lifelong learning
  • How well do you plan and set goals - the need and relevance
  • What are your values - ever really thought about them
  • Personal goal setting - is this task in the too-hard pile
  • Personal mission statement - a valuable exercise
  • Strategies for meaningful and effective goal setting
Self-Awareness and Communication - when Leading Others
  • How is self-awareness being taught
  • Self-monitoring versus self-awareness
  • Myths about self-awareness
  • Self-concept: who are you?
  • Self-concept versus self-image
  • The spiritual self
  • How does the self-concept develop
  • Self-concept: communicating with others
  • Self-concept: association with groups
Persuading Others with Tact and Diplomacy
  • Definition of 'persuading'
  • Persuading strategies
  • Persuasion tactics
  • The human interactions at play
  • Hesitation and resistance
  • Trust and respect
  • Improving the gaps in your persuasive skills
Transforming others with Influence and Inspiration
  • Transformational leadership defined
  • Transformational leadership and charisma
  • A model of transformational leadership
  • Transformational leadership factors
  • Transactional leadership factors
  • Other transformational perspectives
  • The transformational approach to leadership... and how it works

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Recognize strengths and blind spots in themselves and others
  • Increase their self-awareness for better self-management
  • Plan and set goals and directions based on values and aspirations
  • Earn trust and build relationships
  • Influence others from a position of authority, even without formal authority
  • Lead for long-term results

As in all our workshops, the greater the personal commitment and input, the greater the benefit and results and participants are encouraged to become fully involved and immerse themselves in all the activities.

This workshop is delivered through a mixture of inputs such as self-assessment tools to diagnose discover and explain the participants' ability to manage and lead others; individual sharing and reflection; group discussions and engagement; role-plays and case analyses; video clips and the like.

The environment is non-confrontational, relaxed and conducive to participant engagement. We design activities that take a person outside their comfort zone and encourage a person to remove their boundaries. At all times and in all activities, we are mindful of cultural and personal boundaries and sensitivities.


This course is ideal for New or Experienced Supervisors and Managers in any function within the Organization, as well as for Individuals who want to become better at Understanding and Managing themselves and Lead Others. The course is also perfect for those looking for a refresher course, New Perspective or Inspiration on the course subject.




  • Work book with related materials
  • Suggested reading material for continuous learning
  • Certificate of Attendance

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