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The Leader In You

A workshop to awaken the leader in you so you can Move Your World...

There is a huge responsibility attached to leading people and it is one that should not be taken for granted. But sometimes we just go about doing what we have been doing and in the same way we have been doing it for years, and we close our eyes to the reality of negatives that happen around us, despite what we hear because we choose not to listen.

Let me ask you - what do you really know about your leadership capabilities? Have you ever wondered why you experience obstacles and barriers to good performance? Do you truly know why people do not want to be in your department?

All your concerns and deep inner thoughts about your effectiveness as a leader can be understood intimately by you, at our two-day program on finding and understanding The Leader In You.

We are here to help you explore your leadership style, strengths and limitations - and how to get you back on track to being exemplary in your performance. We are waiting to walk you through the next very vital steps to leadership and sustained effectiveness and success.

Do not hesitate - join us NOW. Leadership is too much of a big deal to wait!


Being a leader in your family life, business - self-owned or otherwise, or serving the community or public, is a position of extreme importance and one that involves "you being in tune with who you are". The Leader In You helps you to know and understand your preferred leadership style - the one you use most naturally, and to develop several other styles that are integral for building cohesive, motivating, productive and enduring relationships not only in teams and businesses, but also at home.

Our workshop will show you the way to:

  • Identify your preferred Leadership Style - Are you leading from the front, or worrying about where you are all going and whether there is a clear vision?
  • Identify and Develop Your Strengths - Playing to your strengths is important, so we make sure that you know what you're good at. This may be your default style, but you also have other leadership skills which are even more valuable and we will help you understand them.
  • Work on your Weaknesses - Having identified your strengths, we will assist you in thinking about and developing the styles that you are less good at. All the best leaders draw on a variety of styles. Some of them won't feel natural to you, so we will guide you to finding a way to use them, a way that feels right to you and that is equally effective.
  • Hold Up a Mirror - Be open to the feedback from those around you because it will help you grow and stay on track... and become a better and more worthy leader. Through the various activities in the workshop, you will understand the critical impact of being an outstanding role model.
  • Understand the benefits and impact of Emotional Intelligence in leadership.
The Leader In You helps you open the doorway to leading with vision and with your heart, to leading with compassion and yet with measured strength, to leading with others in mind and to empowering those you are leading to become leaders as well. When trust and respect become the mark of a leader, then everything is possible.


SESSION 1: Leadership Matters
  • Why leadership matters
  • Leading in the family, business and community context
  • Examples of outstanding leadership and leaders
  • What is successful leadership?
  • Your world and the leaders around you in your situation
SESSION 2: Leadership Styles & EQ
  • The various leadership styles
  • What researchers and authors say
  • What is resonant leadership?
  • The role that Emotional Intelligence plays
  • Have you got what it takes to lead?
SESSION 3: Your Style - The Right Fit
  • Your own leadership style
  • Knowing your strengths
  • Knowing your weaknesses
  • Finding what works for you, the right fit
  • Knowing the changes you need to make
SESSION 4: Reflection & Feedback
  • Looking in the mirror, like what you see?
  • How others see you and act, as a result
  • Understanding impression management
  • Growing and developing yourself through feedback
  • Accepting feedback - the good and the bad
  • Being a role model for values and impactful leadership
SESSION 5: Leading Teams & Relationships
  • Being a leader of teams and groups - what that entails
  • How to encourage creative discussion to address differences
  • Taking steps to build productive relations
  • What if others don't want to listen to you or disagree?
  • Your ability to resolve conflicts and disagreements constructively
SESSION 6: Translating Vision & Invigoration
  • What does leading with vision actually mean?
  • How do you build a shared vision with others?
  • Benefits of visionary leadership
  • Who are the visionary leaders?
  • What it takes to be a catalyst for positive change
  • How to invigorate, enthuse and motivate others
  • Maintaining your drive and your positivity as you lead
SESSION 7: Communicating as a Leader
  • Persuading and convincing others tactfully and effectively
  • Building consensus and gaining cooperation to align with shared goals
  • Communicating tough decisions, difficult news despite consequences
  • Communicating to reach positive outcomes and solutions
  • Understanding conversation management
  • Being mindful of words and developing a personal and key verbal strategy
SESSION 8: Developing Emerging Leaders
  • Developing others to lead - you are not the only one!
  • Providing ongoing, constructive feedback to grow others
  • Encouraging a coaching culture and being a coach
  • Taking interest in providing opportunities for continuous development of emerging leaders
SESSION 9: Your Next Steps - Code of Conduct and Action Planning
  • Where do you go from here?
  • What are your issues to work on?
  • Developing your own Personal Code of Conduct
  • How and when will you act on it?
  • What steps will you put in place to measure if you are keeping to the Code?
  • Defining your Continuous Improvement Plan

Every person who attends will:
  • Gain confidence to lead more appropriately, having gained valuable insights into personal leadership capabilities
  • Understand deeply emotionally intelligent leadership - and the varying styles of leadership, the benefits they bring to business and to daily life
  • Communicate more effectively and manage conflict as a leader
  • Know how to transfer vision into action, rally to inspire and to motivate others
  • Realize the importance of and qualities of being an exemplary role model and translating that into reality

  • Audience involvement with sharing/discussion of viewpoints
  • Facilitator and instructor-led discussion
  • Content is 20% theory, 80% experiential-based
  • Case studies and Assignments - individual and group basis
  • Video Clips - TED Talks and others
  • Observation/demonstration/practice
  • Individual reflection and contemplation
  • Interacting and working within a pair or group
  • Giving of feedback
  • Practical/tactile activities
  • Use of positive affirmations. Action Planning
  • Self-assessments - personality and soft skills based
  • Professionals in the Corporate work force, Private and Government
  • Self-Employed / Home Business Professionals / Family run Businesses
  • Small to medium Enterprises, Larger Corporations - across All Industries
  • Entrepreneurs and Emerging Entrepreneurs



  • Work book with related materials
  • Suggested reading material for continuous learning
  • Certificate of Attendance

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