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The Leader Inside Every Woman

Is Designed To


To all the female professionals out there who are in a leadership role - this course is specifically for YOU!

It takes into account how we are different to our male counterparts and emphasizes those brilliant benefits and assets and advantages we have as women - when it comes to leading others.

There are "so many positives in our world" that it is overwhelming and that is why this course is designed to bring them all together, to show you, and to give you that incredible boost you need to build upon your existing capabilities and fight those ever-present challenges.

Come and join your colleagues and sisters - and me - at this exciting two-day program and never look back again at how AMAZING YOU ARE! Contact us NOW. I am personally looking forward to meeting all of you!


In the world of business today, the pace is fast-moving, with little time to have "quality time" and the luxury of being able to step back and reflect, re-think, and re-evaluate our own performance and understanding of what we are doing... and how we are managing the obstacles. This program gives you that quality time.

The way we do business in an internet world and a world full of increasingly daunting challenges on many levels, has changed so many things in life, including to a very large extent - the way we think and behave as individuals, and as leaders.

This program gives women who are business professionals working in the roles of managers and leaders - who are tasked with major and significant responsibilities - the time to review and re-affirm their skills and the essential, core qualities and abilities required of them to become an outstanding, resonant and effective leader. It shows them how to get the best and genuine performance from themselves, and from others.

It discusses the challenges faced by female leaders in the professional and corporate world. It looks closely at people skills and self-management, mastering emotions and learning how to avoid making the wrong calls, the way to manage difficult relationships, build meaningful partnerships and, the way a leader needs to embrace the future. It is designed to help women identify and defeat the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) barriers that act to hinder their progress.

"The Leader Inside Every Woman" heightens each participant's potential to overcoming fear and self-doubt, by replacing them with courage and steadfast optimism.

During these two days, participants will discover how to lead and manage with more skill, finesse, personal style and confidence. "The Leader Inside Every Woman" opens the doorway to leading with vision, leading with compassion and yet with measured strength, to leading with others in mind and to empowering those being led. By the end of this program, participants will go back to their jobs full of positive energy, feeling more assertive, ready to continue and to compete, knowing their true value and strengths. They will learn that they are an extraordinary leader who doesn't need to settle for less.

This course is written by women, for women, with an approach, delivery style and content designed to enlighten, encourage and empower all women who lead.


SESSION 1: Overview

  • Leadership definition, your definitions
  • Female leaders - in the global, corporate, community arenas
  • Male versus female views
  • Feminine qualities and who YOU are - are assets in leadership
SESSION 2: The Importance of Self-Image

Your "self-image" is the sum of all your thoughts about who you really are and what you can achieve. You succeed only as far as your self-image allows you to succeed. Others will tend to estimate you NO higher than you estimate yourself.

Examining and Redefining Your Self-image
  • Confident Actions
  • Better Results
  • Confident Thoughts
  • Confident Feelings
Expectations of Your Capabilities - The Self-fulfilling Prophecy:

Your expectations tend to show up in your external results. The process looks like this:
  • How Negative attitudes and actions tend to create negative results
  • How Positive attitudes and actions tend to create positive results
SESSION 3: Self-Management and Emotions
  • Self-awareness: Personality profile (your strengths and pitfalls)
  • Leadership characteristics - your preferred style
  • Management of Emotions - Emotional Intelligence - female versus male
  • Learning how successful leaders succeed
  • Understanding why many talented professionals fail
SESSION 4: Conversation Management
  • Being mindful of words and developing a personal and key verbal strategy
  • Taking control of the conversation and directing it AWAY from excessive dwelling on the negatives and the past which may create feelings of anger and upset
  • Targeting your conversation towards a BETTER PLACE which will create strong feelings of courage, confidence and enthusiasm
SESSION 5: Communication and Body Language: Impression Management

Like it or not, people do judge you partly on appearance. What they see, is what you'll get. Impression Management - how you APPEAR to be, will partly determine how you are received.
  • Posture, Appearance, Touch, Eye contact
  • Hand and arm gestures, Facial expression
  • Orientation, Proximity
  • Scent, Accessories
Developing Your Personal Code of Conduct:

You can live according to previous programming and conditioning, do the same old comfortable thing and not move an inch forward... OR,

You can live according to your new and better choices and move forward in positive leaps and bounds.

Realize and release your full potential by designing a new and uplifting Personal Code of Conduct. Practicing to be the "New You"


SESSION 1: Developing a Competitive yet Collaborative Mentality
  • Men and women - how they differ when it comes to competing
  • Perfectionism - a huge burden to healthy competition
  • Developing a competitive attitude and edge
  • Using your personal presence for positive engagement
  • Moving towards a collaborative mentality
SESSION 2: How to Handle Negative and Confronting Behaviors
  • Discussion on negative and undermining behaviors
  • Handling undermining or discriminatory language or behavior
  • Are women more adept at handling this than men?
  • Dealing with difficult people - the "saboteurs"
  • Anticipating and preventing counter-productive confrontations
SESSION 3: Decisiveness at Crunch Time
  • Expectations of making effective decisions - all eyes are watching you!
  • Do you "thrive or dive" when it's decision time?
  • Finding courage to act when solutions produce unpleasant consequences
  • Developing strengths to face and counter-act fears
  • Communicating tough decisions in difficult atmospheres
SESSION 4: Prioritization and Work Life Balance
  • Balancing the many demands on your time
  • The Wheel of Life - balancing the wheel
  • Prioritize your priorities in an approach that is realistic for you
  • Is this purely a woman's need and domain?
SESSION 5: The "Seven Steps to Your Leadership Success"
  • Deciding upon and communicating your goals
  • Deciding upon and communicating your plans
  • Prioritizing and delegating actions needed to achieve your goals
  • Giving warm appreciation for good performance
  • Noticing and managing any bad performance
  • Giving assertive and genuine feedback
  • Being the agent of progressive change and continuous improvement

Building confidence and capability in every woman so she may effectively lead in her place of work and business, in her life and in her world...


The Course Will Enable Participants To:
  • Expand self-confidence and self-image
  • Behave in a professional manner aligned with their goals
  • Demonstrate with more clarity their values as a leader
  • Apply stronger impact on their decisions
  • Overcome the stereotype existing in workplaces against female leaders
  • Develop a competitive mentality that influences their strengths as women
  • Prevent perfectionist approaches towards challenges and competitions
  • Accept failures and see them as learning opportunities
  • Avoid taking things personally in the business world
  • Handle more appropriately the super-competitive male co-workers
  • Become more assertive women in the male-dominated world of business
  • Develop a more resistant attitude
  • Control their own conversations, direct them towards only successful outcomes
  • Strengthen their leadership qualities and empower others

"Learning" extends the idea of personal development to beliefs, values, wisdom, compassion, emotional maturity, ethics, integrity - and most important of all, to helping others to identify, aspire to and to achieve and fulfill their own unique individual personal potential.

In all our programs and in "The Leader Inside Every Woman", we also focus on facilitating learning and development for the person, "beyond work skills" - we help them grow and develop for life - help them to identify, aspire to, and take steps towards fulfilling their own personal unique potential, their own dreams. We help them become leaders in their own lives, the lives of their families, leaders of businesses, communities and society.

By developing people as individuals we develop people's confidence, self-esteem, personal strengths, and most critically, a rounded sense of purpose and fulfillment, which fundamentally improve attitude, life-balance and emotional well-being.

We design and engage in activities that take a person "outside their comfort zone" and encourage a person to "remove their boundaries". At all times and in all activities, we are mindful of cultural and personal boundaries and sensitivities.

We use a blend of the following techniques to deliver our unique programs:
  • Audience involvement with sharing/discussion of viewpoints
  • Facilitator and instructor-led discussion
  • Case studies
  • Video Clips - TED Talks and others
  • Observation/demonstration/practice
  • Individual reflection and contemplation
  • Interacting and working within a pair or group
  • Giving of feedback
  • Practical/tactile activities
  • Drawing on imagination
  • Use of positive affirmations
  • Self-assessments - personality and soft skills based
  • Assignments - individual and group basis
  • Story-telling
  • Vocalization
  • Visualization
  • Use of music, verse, visuals
  • Content is 20% theory, 80% experiential-based
  • Action and Future Pathway Planning

"The Leader Inside Every Woman" is a course designed for Female Leaders, Managers, Business Owners and Professionals who are willing to Excel, and Strongly Contribute in their Respective Organizations and Businesses.
  • Executives and Senior Managers
  • Middle and Upper Middle Managers
  • Business Owners, Entrepreneurs



  • Work book with related materials
  • Suggested reading material for continuous learning
  • Certificate of Attendance

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