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Turbo Charge Your Business

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Roger La Salle


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19 February 2020
Lancaster Bangkok Hotel
9:00 am To 5:00 pm

Turbo Charge Your Business

10 Ways to Out-Innovate the Competition &
leave them wondering what happened!


About this Master Class:

This Master Class is delivered by a world expert who has done it all before. This is not business theory, but practical, real hands-on innovation. You will experience it, you will see it in action, and you will use it as Roger presents this seminar.

We guarantee you will leave this seminar with a new way to think, and a new approach to building your business; one that is so simple, you could never have imagined it.

Many speakers talk about innovation; Roger La Salle actually does it, with three of his own patented innovations in Technology Museums in Australia. One of his creations, manufactured in Australia, is now used the world over, and he has many patents to his credit. Innovation is one thing; bringing such things to real commercial success is another! Roger La Salle has been doing it for 25 years and will share his knowledge with you.

One of Roger’s favourite sayings:

“Like a golf swing, when done properly, the beauty of innovation is in its simplicity. Innovation is a culture; keep it simple, inspired by capability, method, tools, practice and outcomes.”

A Hall of Fame speaker, Roger has brought his innovation knowledge, wisdom and methodology to Top Companies around the world, and continually inspires teams to enhance their creative abilities. Based on his insights, organisations such as, Deloitte, General Electric, Caterpillar, Cryovac, Ingersoll Rand, QANTAS, DuPont, Schneider Electric, Fonterra, Vodafone, Bosh, Wabtec, Huhtamaki, Tyco and Rockwell, to name just a few have revolutionised the way they approach innovation.

His keynote speeches are centred on his best-selling books on product, process, and service innovation, and the new emerging paradigm of “Opportunity Capture”.

Some comments by people who have been fortunate enough to experience Roger work:

"Wow! Roger held an audience of NAB People & Culture team members spellbound with his insightful, action oriented approach to innovation. Without doubt one of the most inspirational speakers and writers of our time."

Mr Jim Young,
Executive General Manager
National Australia Bank

“Thought provoking, amazing …..., from one of the best innovation thinkers….…”

Mr Chetan S Wakalkar
Founder Trustee & Group Director
Indira Group of Institutes

“It´s amazing what you do. I have done so many workshops – all too philosophical - but you blew my mind yesterday."

Spanish – English interpreter
Alfredo Durán M
Bogotá – Colombia

Roger La Salle

This Master Class will deliver so much in real practical terms and case studies that you will be amazed. You will leave with a completely new way to think about innovation, opportunities and your world.

In simple terms – this Master Class will show you how to embrace and embed innovation and the new paradigm of Opportunity Capture into your business as an integral part of your business DNA.

• What drives your innovation initiative?
• What is innovation and how it is completely defined in just four words that alone, will change the way you think about business and innovation
• Discover the real power of innovation; why it is so necessary in these days of short time to market and the ever growing number of hungry competitors
• Learn and experience the simplicity of innovation
• Get the tools of innovation for products, processes and services; tools that are being used by some of the world’s largest and most successful organisations
• See how these tools are used and how they have delivered breakthrough value to businesses all over the world
• Experience the Technology Diffusion model to assess a new idea in just two minutes
• Learn the secrets that underpin success, and understand how some of the most successful organisations have achieved their goals
• Learn that there is only one real risk in business. Discover what it is and learn how avoid the common pitfalls
• Understand how the customer’s mind works, whether it is B to B, B to D, or B to C
• Explore “value” and why some of the very best products fail to win, despite clear advantages over the competition
• Why and what drives people to make decisions?
• What is a business opportunity and what is the search mechanism for finding new horizons, new markets and ways of thinking?
• Use the “Opportunity Matrix” to find where your market lies, who is your tribe, and where does it reside?
• Why it is often better to be a follower than first to market?
• The power of collaboration
• How to connect the dots between seemingly unrelated events that lead to stunning innovations
• Learn how to measure innovation to ensure you are innovating efficiently
• How to maximize your innovation ROI with a challenge-centred approach
• Which organisational structures help push innovation to the lowest levels of the organization
• Identify your organisation’s differentiator and its impact on innovation
• How to motivate everyone in the organization to participate in innovation
• How to embed innovation into your business as part of its DNA
And much more!

Roger La Salle

This material is completely original and has evolved over a lifetime of successful work by its creator, Roger La Salle. What is it that makes some organizations and individuals so successful when other flounder with exactly the same opportunities? Learn how you can understand the processes that underpin success in business and entrepreneurship? What are the secrets?

You will be amazed as the secrets unfold as they have done for some of the largest companies in the world that have now embraced these processes.

There is no need for any pre reading or study to embrace this methodology, a. methodology that is remarkable in its simplicity but amazing in its effectiveness. Just come with an open mind and a willingness to participate and explore new horizons. A brief introduction of the areas, mentioned below in Agenda, which Roger will cover in this Master Class present the various case studies on why innovation is so essential for everyone and every organization.

Session 1:

• What is innovation?
• Why innovation?
• Putting on your running shoes
• Eliminating business risk
• The market and customer value
• Who gets the value?

Session 2:

• Who is your real customer?
• How your customer thinks
• Facing outwards
• The perfect route to market identified
• The opportunity Matrix – the secret that inspires innovation

Session 3:

• Finding your tribe
• Thinking of the little things
• Product Innovation
• A product the world wants, but that nobody will deliver
• Ranking and rating ideas

Session 4:

• Service innovation
• Metrics for services
• Process innovation
• The Innovation Department – to be or not to be?
• Embedding the Culture

Who should Attend

This seminar is designed for CEO’s, Senior Executives, Leaders, Management and key players who want to embrace innovation to keep their business growing, while at the same time removing the single biggest business risk.

Many seminars provide a short term motivational lift; this one achieves that in the first minutes but then delivers take away value and tools you can use the very next day. We guarantee these tools work and will provide a growth mechanism that you never dreamed possible.

Come open minded and be prepared to be involved.Our guarantee is that you will leave this session with at least one new idea and moreover a way to find many more

AIM inlines together with AIM Training, will be organizing "TURBO CHARGE YOUR BUSINESS" Seminar with Roger La Salle (Innovation Guru) in Bangkok, Thailand for the Second time on 19 February 2020.

For more information on corporate training, consulting with Roger La Salle,
please contact us.

Call now to reserve your seats for this mega event:

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