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  Winning the War for Talent

Who: Six of Americas Top Speakers on Attracting and Retaining the Right Talent
What: Winning the War for Talent
           Getting and Keeping the Best Employees

When: 9:00am – 5:00 pm
Where: Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippine
Why: Organizations globally are confronted with an ever-increasing transient workforce. America’s top employee engagement and retention experts offer solutions enabling employers to get and keep the right employees.

Organizer: AIM Inlines –

Summary: Recruiting and hiring has changed. Companies that keep up, win, those that don’t, lose. Six of America’s top recruitment and retention experts will share cutting edge practices companies around the world are using to get and keep the best people. The speakers have shared these techniques across Asia, Australia, India and the U.S. During a one-time only, one-day seminar, they are available to bring these strategies to you.

Article - Winning the War for Talent

At any given moment, 76% of employees are looking for new jobs and 65% are scouring the internet. Organizations globally are struggling to hire and retain the right employees and are confronted with an ever-increasing workforce who is always looking for the next opportunity.

Six of America’s employee engagement and retention experts will be speaking in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippine on Second week of December, outlining the most cutting edge practices American companies are using to hire and retain the right people. The speakers will be outlining new methods of attracting and hiring the right employees, how to create an environment in which people want to perform at their best and how to build relationships with employees that are loyal and long lasting.

Recruiting techniques continue to change. Candidates now search multiple online resources to find the right job. Recruiting practices that reach the most connected employees use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Organisations relying on printed advertisements and traditional job descriptions are not keeping up with today’s hiring trends.

Younger employees are consistently looking for jobs. Even after starting a new job young employees keep job hunting, in the event something better comes along. Building commitment during the first two weeks on a job is essential to retaining young employees.

Employees need to see a future for themselves with their new organization, and they need to see it quickly. Without a clear career path insight, young employees continue to interview and job jump, costing organisations time and money in recruiting and training costs.

Employees also want to be part of something greater than themselves. They need to feel that they are joining an organisation where they can contribute to something meaningful. How organisations share and involve employees in the company vision and mission makes all the difference in retaining engaged employees.

Lastly, employees want to enjoy themselves. Younger employees are asking the question, if work isn’t fun, why do it. Organisations that create a culture of fun keep younger employees engaged and happy. Organisations that remain committed to traditional work environments lose young talent and they lose them quickly.

Win the war for talent. Get out of the recruiting, hiring, training and re-training cycle. Join America’s engagement and retention experts in your country on December for a day of cutting edge practices and techniques that will make your organisation THE place to work.

About AIM Inlines

AIM Inlines is a Bangkok-based company that helps corporations, associations and agencies improve their operational efficiency, staff performance and overall productivity without increasing their budget. We do this by bringing some of the world’s top trainers and expert’s right to your doorstep, providing you with their invaluable knowledge and insight. For more information please Contact AIM +66-22-700-985

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