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New convergence of new technologies is creating a smaller, 'flatter' world that will ease entry into the global economy. This same phenomenon will also increase competition exponentially. To remain successful in the future, organizations will need to utilize all of their resources efficiently and effectively.

From our beginnings in 2001, AIM Inlines has been committed to helping organizations develop their knowledge base to strengthen their competitive position and prepare for the future. We see ourselves as a partner in your continuous drive towards growth and success. This culture of partnership gives us a personal, more intimate connection that helps us best match our resources to your needs. In addition, our understanding of the region and our connections with business professionals on every continent gives us the unique advantage of being able to work you to custom tailor the most effective solution.

Our mission from the start is to help build your organization from the inside-out by giving the power of knowledge to your most important asset, your people. We feel that our comprehensive range of services, including seminars, in-house training and business solutions consultation, individually or combined, can provide you the advantage your organization needs to move forward with confidence.

To date, we have helped thousands of individuals from hundreds of companies tap into their full potential. Our speakers and trainers have brought their global knowledge and experience to local organizations both large and small. In so doing, we feel we've worked together with our partners in building a better managerial environment in the region. And we are committed to carrying on with this goal.

We are on the verge of brand new world where both challenges and opportunities abound. The new world will require new thinking and a renewed effort to make sure you and your most precious assets, your staff, are fully prepared. At AIM Inlines, we are ready to partner with your organization to meet that need. Whether you are a large organization or small, just starting out or long established, we hope to be your knowledge resource into the future.

Amin Rais
CEO/Project Director



"The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."


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