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Events Calendar AIM SEMINARS & EVENTS 2016

Todd Falcone

Todd Falcone

Cracking the Code to Success in Network Marketing

23 - January 2016

Michael Bolduc

Michael Bolduc

Science of Achievement
Transforms Every Area of Your Life

27 – February 2016

Philip Martin

Philip Martin
Beyond The Law Of Attraction
The Ultimate Secret
10 - March – 2016

Ron White (USA Memory Campion)

Ron White

Bring The Mind of Einstein
To Your Organization

18 - March – 2016

Train The Trainer (2 Days Seminar)
Memory Certification Program

19 - 20 - March – 2016

Alex Goslar

Alex Goslar

21st Century Marketing & Branding
How to build a successful Brand

28 – April - 2016

James Leong

James Leong
Team Development with NLP 25 - May 2016
Motivating Your Workforce with NLP 26 – May 2016

Jack M. Zufelt

Jack M. Zufelt
DNA of Success 23 - June
TZE (Train The Trainer)
The Zufelt Experience
Get Unstuck & Become a Master Achiever
3 Days Event
24-25-26 June 2016

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Train the trainer
21st Century Marketing & Branding
Bring The Mind of Einstein to your Organization

Science of Achievement

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Innovation Trajectory
Consequential Change
World Business Academy
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