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   Top Performer (Top Performing FISH!)


Presented by Dr. Stephen C. Lundin
9th October, 2007

A fun and imaginative seminars on boosting staff morale & productivity.


The man who brought you FISH! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, and the FISH! Philosophy now brings you Top Performer: A Bold Approach to Sales and Service. While FISH! focused on employee morale, quality of work life, productivity and motivation, Top Performer addresses customer service, customer retention and sales. The FISH! Philosophy provides an important cultural base while Top Performer supplies the action. It also explores the most powerful resource available to any manager, anywhere in the world; natural energy. Top Performer provides the answer to a question asked by many individuals and organizations who have experienced the transforming power of the FISH! Philosophy, “What can we do to solidify and build on our gains with FISH?”

It has been well documented by the Gallop Organization that making an emotional connection with the customer is more important to customer retention than good customer service and Top Performer is your guide to engaging customers and colleagues in a way that creates an authentic emotional bond.

Drawing on the tradition of court jesters, buskers and street performers, all of whom would starve if they didn’t understand the laws of energy, Top Performer presents an elegant set of guiding principles that any manager should find useful. Steve Lundin, writer of the FISH! Series of books, has teamed up with a PSP (professional street performer Carr Hagerman) to write this book and develop this program. If you found FISH a helpful metaphor for improving the quality of life at work and thus positively impacting recruitment, retention, morale and productivity; you will find that Top Performer seamlessly connects with the FISH! Philosophy while introducing a unique and useful set of ideas.

This enjoyable, highly engaging and interactive Full-day seminar will be light on theory and heavy on practical ideas and useful insights that can immediately lead to action. Join us for the Thai Premier of Top Performing FISH, a seminar that integrates the very best from two great concepts.


  • To provide a follow-up for FISH! That allows an individual or an organization to sustain the energy.

  • To learn the power of natural energy

  • To learn the unique change strategies needed when natural energy is the goal.

  • To learn and understand the language of energy.

  • To be able to apply the language of energy to improve customer service, leadership, quality of work life and performance

  • To become a Top Performer

For more information on TOP PERFORMER & CATS, or to bring the Power of Natural Energy to your firm, please contact us.

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