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   Innovative Global Marketing


15th February, 2012
The Rembrandt Hotel, Bangkok
09:00 am to 04:30 pm

21st Century Marketing in Interlinked World Economy

A Full day Seminar by Mark McClure

Learn How Companies Can Market Their Product or Service Profitably in ANY Economy

  • Why Ritz Carlton, Mercedes, McDonalds, and leaders like them never fear a “downturn” in the economy and their SECRET to continued marketing success.

  • Why your advertising message must differentiate based on geography and HOW to know WHAT to say.

  • How to use technology to slash your advertising budget in half while DOUBLING revenues.

  • How to turn your website into a global cash register and database machine!

  • Why you MUST” reinvent” your product or service every few years to obtain maximum profitability.

  • Why television and radio marketing are a MUST for your company and how to maximize each for pennies on the dollar.

  • Why building a “message” is inherently more important to capturing customers then building a “brand”.

  • Plus so much more!


This one-day, power-packed seminar presented by Mark McClure, author of the best-selling business book, “The Ruthless Entrepreneur System” and one of the Top 5 Speakers in the world on sales & marketing will be LIVE and what many call, one of the most dynamic & informative seminars on How To Market Their Company Profitably in ANY Economy!

21 Money Making, Innovative Marketing Techniques Big Corporations Do NOT Want You To Know! Mark is going to EXPOSE 21 profitable, money making marketing techniques that you will generate sales and customers you never thought were possible……techniques your competitors do NOT want you to use.

How To Instill A Powerful, Impenetrable Belief System: You are what you think about most of the time, but you BECOME what you BELIEVE you are ALL OF THE TIME! The subconscious mind will believe anything it is told as long as it is told with conviction and in this powerful segment, Mark will teach your sales team how to train their subconscious mind into accomplishing sales goals and objectives they never thought were possible. Tricks and strategies you have never seen before, and that helped propel Mark to a top performer at a very young age.

How To Write “Killer, Profitable Ad Copy”: Mark will take you step by step on how to write ad copy for marketing and website that attract customers and revenue you have never experienced. Companies have paid Mark $10,000 for the day for him to teach this to him……now you get it for almost NOTHING.

7 Marketing Techniques You MUST Incorporate On Your Website: These 7 marketing techniques, when ADDED to your website will TRIPLE your leads in less than 21 days. This is a MUST!!

The Difference Between Great Companies and Average Companies is A USP Unless you have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) you will ALWAYS struggle against your competition. Mark will teach you how to create a compelling USP for your business. This is a MUST! Without a USP, your business will die and your competition will eat you alive.

Innovative Marketing Strategies That Combat ANY Economy on a Global Scale! Learn how to get clients calling YOU without spending tons of money. EVERY technique works regardless of industry, and EACH company can customize these techniques to fit their own strategic goals. Proven, results driven strategies that work.

How Forming Strategic Alliances Will DOUBLE Your Sales Volume and Cut Your Costs by 50%!

Come, listen and learn the same valuable strategies Mark has taught the sales teams of such big names as Morgan Stanley, American Express, Hyatt Hotels, Mercedes Benz, Hilton Hotels, Siemans and many more corporate giants worldwide!! This truly is an event you cannot afford to miss!

AIM Inlines will be bringing Mark McClure for 4th time in Bangkok on 15th February, 2012!!!

Some of the world’s BIGGEST COMPANIES have come to trust Mark McClure and his system of sales and marketing success…….. and now is your chance to learn the VERY SAME INFORMATION!!

For more information on this Master Class please contact us.

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