Keeping Employees Accountable for Results

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   Keeping Employees Accountable for Results


12th September, 2007

Learn how to make ANY goal measurable.
(Without measurable goals, accountability is impossible!)


A manager’s job is to get work done through others. The key to their sustained success is holding employees accountable for the results needed. Unfortunately for many, that seems like an overwhelming task that requires too much time, effort, and know-how. In this session, you’ll learn a SIMPLE method for holding others accountable for results. Using the acronym SIMPLE, you’ll learn (and remember!) the 6 steps of this proven approach so you can easily share it with other managers in your organization tomorrow. You’ll find that accountability can be quick and effective, even for busy managers like you!

This is not a traditional disciplinary processes masquerading as an accountability model. The emphasis here is on employee commitment and buy-in, not punitive steps and punishments. We’ll explore each step and learn how to apply them to current, everyday situations. SIMPLE Accountability is simple enough to learn and apply in our short session. It’s effective enough to positively impact your employees forever.


Participants learn to use the six-step SIMPLE process to hold employees accountable for results in their organizations. Participants practice some of the steps, so they leave with competence as well as confidence to apply SIMPLE in their organizations immediately.s

Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.
- Anthony Robbins


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