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   Leadership Boot Camp

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21st August, 2012
Rembrandt Hotel,
Sukhumvit Bangkok
1:30 pm To 4:30 pm

Leadership Boot Camp

The Five Literacies as an Extreme Sport

Terry Pearce in the San Francisco Examiner said, There are many people who think they want to be matadors, only to find themselves in the ring with two thousand pounds of bull bearing down on them, and then discovering that what they really wanted was to wear tight pants and hear the crowd roar. Those that do choose bullfighting as a career, however, are probably more captivated by the love of the challenge as much as the surge of adrenalin through the body – the result of fear. So it is with Five Literacies leaders: addiction to the experience of leading is what makes the fear worthwhile. Not only is fear an intrinsic part of the Five Literacies experience, in large part it is fear that creates and defines the experience of leading – at once an “extreme sport” and an adventure concerned with changing the world for the better.


  • In this half-day Master Class you will understand the power arising from fully-charged emotions in the praxis of Five Literacies leadership
  • You will learn how the dynamic interplay of fear and love are critical for inspiring meaningful change
  • You will begin to appreciate how positive energetic, a disciplined physicality, and moral resolve are perceived by others as authenticity and charisma
  • You will take away those elements of the Five Literacies philosophy that will enable you to awaken to your own leadership praxis day-by-day
  • You will discover how to shift current realities into how things should be while liberating the power for you to become the person you never dared dream you could be.


Most past leadership theories have focused on change of some kind; usually in terms of shaping a specific context or exhorting others to follow a particular vision. Such approaches have been proven to be deficient. Focusing on exterior change is only ever half the real story of leadership and can often backfire, as can be seen when celebrities fall from grace because of some personal flaw. Openness to change from within, and tackling the hard work that entails, is key to enabling change in others.

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in GAOL discovering this. But then he used the results of his learning to destroy the brutal apartheid system while forgiving those that had imprisoned him. Such enlightenment of spirit is a result of reflective practice; inner work that cannot be avoided or put on one side while one urges others to change. Awakening to the Five Literacies sometimes occurs in an instant. But a laborious and extended process of learning and personal change invariably follows. In this liberating half-day Master Class Richard Hames shares some insights and anecdotes from the world of Five Literacies leaders, examining what it takes to maintain an authentic Five Literacies leadership praxis and how character, intellect, emotions, spirituality and physicality all come together in an ethos of integral “being”.


  1. Identifying key aspects of leadership that arise from within our awakening to possibility
  2. Transcending self-interest and “ego” in the pursuit of “going beyond” what has been
  3. Finding ways to amplify positive energy (and avoid gracelessness) in accommodating the “Love–Fear” paradox
  4. Living the extreme life of a Five Literacies leader – devising your own personal manifesto

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn directly from Dr. Richard Hames & understand what it takes to be an authentic leader & find out all the answers to the Leadership Dilemmas we face…….

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