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AIM Inlines latest service to help you improve your business communication needs. To learn more click here.

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We bring the knowledge of the world to your doorstep

Dr. Marshall in Bangkok on 3rd of May 2007AIM Inlines understands that the greatest asset your organization is its staff. And the greatest asset of any staff is its knowledge base. We target that critical area by bringing the best minds and most astute thinkers to share their insight and understanding.

These speakers cover the entire spectrum of business functions and methodologies. AIM Inlines does this with individual seminars as well as flexible & customized learning solutions using a combination of multi-media training resources and instructor-led programs. Our ‘AIM’ is to give your greatest asset a broader knowledge base and deeper understanding allowing them to be more flexible and better prepared for the challenges ahead.

At AIM Inlines we:Dr. Ben Bensaou Live in Bangkok 16-17th of July 2007

  • Offer value for your hard earned money

  • Enhance the quality and effectiveness of your workforce

  • Bring the latest solutions for your biggest challenges

  • Provide keynote speakers for your event

  • Create In-House Training Programs and Short Courses, and

  • Organize Seminars & Events

This network provides us with intimate access to leading business practices and learning initiatives derived from the latest research. As a result, we are in a position to offer our clients cutting-edge solutions to their management issues.

Our extensive network of agents and distributors, combined with our strategic partnerships with specialist course facilitators and organizations, has established AIM Inlines as the market leader for the distribution of multi-media training throughout the Asia Pacific. We are now also offering learning solutions designed to achieve tangible results and provide a lively and stimulating environment conducive to quality adult learning.

AIM Inlines operates from a commitment to being totally responsive to our clients' requirements through the development of strong business relationships. Our investment of time to understand our clients' needs allows us to achieve a detailed understanding of how their organizations work. This in turn allows us to become a highly valued partner in the learning and development process.


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