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   Power of Change Seminar


28th September, 2010
Dusit Thani Hotel, Bangkok
09:00 am to 05:00 pm

“Mental Codes
Power of Change Seminar”
Strategies & Tactics of the World’s Top Social Scientist and Master of Success

A Life Changing Experience
Presented by Dr. Michael J. Duckett
Social Scientist, International Radio/Television Host, Author, & Inspirational Speaker

“The Mental Codes Power of Change Seminar” is more than a seminar, it’s an amazing life changing experience. Based on Dr. Duckett’s multiple discoveries on success principles, human behavior, habits, and thought patterns—the Mental Codes, he will explain the key secrets to improving results in your life as he has to thousands of people around the world. He will discuss strategies that audience members can immediately make for greater success in their businesses and lives.

Dr. Michael J. Duckett’s is credited to taking more people to greater levels of success than any other person on the planet. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, along with his personal stories of working with and around some of the world’s most powerful leaders, provides insights into the true elements that are necessary for a person to expand rapidly into a higher level of success in life and business. His discussion of how the mind works and reflects our thought patterns into everyday life is enhanced by his practical exercises to include an actual fire walk to overcome limiting fears

Dr. Duckett has 133 books and programs that focus on improving human potential and creating a better version of yourself. His Book: “The mental Codes is becoming one of the most popular books pertaining to self improvements ever written. What are your predominant thoughts? What is the question you ask yourself when faced with a stressful situation? What are your limiting fears and how do you overcome them? These questions are answered and the audience is empowered to make significant improvements instantly! But Dr. Duckett isn’t interested in merely motivating readers with “feel good” tactics talking about goals. He wants to offer solid changes for people to create a better version of themselves and their companies. Readers come to understand themselves and others better. Most important, this book explains the mechanisms of true success and how to increase personal that will have a positive effect on life, business, and finances.

His Audiences: Dr. Michael J. Duckett’s unique business and success discoveries have been shared in the past 14 years with the U.S. Army, Mother Teresa Calcutta Foundation, Chrysler Corporation, AT&T, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Intel, Dunn & Bradstreet, professional athletes, Hollywood Celebrities, and many other fortune 500 companies.

AIM inlines is proud to announce a strategic partnership to invite Dr. Michael J. Duckett, the author of The Mental Codes, Overcoming Thoughts that keep you Stuck in Life, to his first visit to Thailand.

In this one-day Master Class, Dr. Michael J. Duckett will have audience members actively processing and changing their mental codes to overcome fears and limitations. You will be a different person leaving than coming because you will have reprogrammed your thinking and actions to produce results. You will acquire amazing abilities to interact with your business and career from a point of power and success.

This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to meet personally with Dr. Michael J. Duckett & learn the key secrets to greater success and personal achievement directly from the author of the internationally acclaimed book, The Mental Codes—Overcoming Thoughts That Keep you Stuck in Life. Not only will have the opportunity to meet, and ask questions of Dr. Duckett, but you’ll also get the chance to learn the success secrets of the World’s Greatest Social Scientist and Master of Success. The exciting news is that “The Mental Codes Power of Change Seminar” give you the edge in business, leadership, and life. You’ll perform at your 100% level and so will your team.

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