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  Smashing Tomatoes on Your Head by Ron White

Smashing Tomatoes on Your Head
…and other Memory Building Techniques

Imagine smashing a tomato on your head. Picture the juice running down your face and the feeling of the pulp in your hair. Now imagine sticking a cell phone up your nose. Think about the vibration and the sound as it is ringing. Why would I be asking you to picture these bizarre things? I’m actually teaching you how to remember a presentation on productivity.

These strange images are all part of a system taught by memory expert and trainer, Ron White in order to help people remember nearly anything, including large amounts of information. So why should you care?

Being able to recall information is a powerful tool in business and in life. Imagine going to an exhibition and meeting 50 to 100 people and, the very next day, going back and recalling every one of their names as well as their products.

Now imagine being able to remember the key points of your sales and marketing materials as well as that of your competitors. How powerful would it be if you could go into a sales meeting, remember the names of the people you met weeks or months ago and make your sales pitch, touching on all the key points of your product and those of your competitors,… without notes? It is actually possible according to Ron White who regularly performs training seminars where he will meet and remember the names of as many as 60 participants.

The fact is that a memory system can really help you store and recall things that are important to you. The key is that you don’t forget to use it.

Ron White’s system is pretty simple. So simple that it startled me. Nearly anyone can master the tools and audience members at Ron’s seminars are regularly amazed when they find that they are able to do some of the same seemingly remarkable feats that Ron can. So what is the amazing system?

Ron compares memory to filing. It is based on three main components. The first basic concept is that you must create ‘files,’ or a place to store the information that you want to remember. Amongst his seemingly strange files are the top of his head, his liver, a candle in his bedroom and so on. The files are typically created in an exact order so that you can recall things more easily and systematically. Obviously, we aren’t talking about ‘real’ files but abstract places that will help you bring up the information you have stored.

Once you have files you need to create an ‘image’ of the information that you want to store in them. It is similar to taking a Polaroid picture of what you want to remember. As Ron explains, we often remember a person’s face but have difficulty recalling their name. That’s because we can see the person’s face but we can’t see their name. By creating a picture of information it is easier to recall.

The final and most important of the three components is what Ron calls ‘glue.’ In order to explain, he uses the example of girl he met not long ago who actually sat next to him in high school for two years. When they met, neither of them could remember the other. That was because there was no ‘glue’ to hold the information in his ‘file’.

‘Glue’ is similar to an association. When storing information in your mind, you need to have something that will connect it to your ‘file,’ such as smashing a tomato on your head and actually ‘feeling’ the juice and smelling the scent. How did that help audience members remember a presentation on productivity? Tomatoes are usually found in the produce section and produce is similar to production. You may be shaking your head right now but believe me, it is impressive when you experience the entire program.

Ron’s seminar quickly teaches participants how to build files, create images and glue them in place. By the time the program is over, participants realize that they can see and hear large amounts of information and recall it at will later. In one show, Ron had an American audience recall the names of the first 30 US Presidents in less than 10 minutes. Nearly every person could say them forwards, backwards and at random.

You can start your memory system by building files starting at the top of your head and going down to your toes. You can use rooms in your house and furniture within the rooms. These files all represent somewhere where you will store information. Next, create an image of the information you want to remember. If it is your marketing bullet points, take a look at each one and literally picture it in your head. Finally, image that image being placed somehow, into your file. If it is the top of your head and you want to remember a tomato, smash it in there.

All of this might sound a bit crazy but I promise you, the system actually works. Even for someone who is as absent-minded as I am.

Ron White appeared in Bangkok for the first time this past March. He fascinated his audience leaving with universal praise for his program and his teaching ability. He will be appearing again, on 27 & 28 August, 2008 at the Radisson Hotel Bangkok. If you want to get the full feel of the memory system and you happen to be in Bangkok at the time, check it out. You can also go to Ron’s website (www.ronwhitetraining.com) for some interesting articles.

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