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  Memory Genius Returns to Bangkok by Ron White

Who: Ron White, Memory Expert and Trainer
What: Two seminars entitled, “Bring the Mind of Einstein to your Organization” and “Triple your Memory, Triple your Organization’s Productivity” with a taste of speed reading.
When: 27 and 28 August, 2008 - 9:00 am to 4:30 pm both days
Where: Radisson Hotel, Bangkok on Rama 9 Road
Why: Due to unanimous praise and overwhelming demand, AIM Inlines is proud to present the amazing memory seminar of Ron White, the world’s foremost memory expert and trainer.
Organizer: AIM Inlines – www.aiminlines.co.th

Summary: Ron White, the world’s foremost memory expert and trainer will be returning to Bangkok for the second time on 27 and 28 August, 2008. The two seminars will be held at the Radisson Hotel Bangkok on Rama 9 Road from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm both days. Day one is entitled, “Bring the Mind of Einstein to your Organization” and day two is entitled, “Triple your Memory, Triple your Organization’s Productivity.” Both seminars will feature Ron White’s simple, powerful and effective system to take in, retain and recall large amounts of information. Ron is returning due to overwhelming demand as well as unanimous praise from participants at his previous Bangkok appearance.

(For immediate release) Bangkok, 25 May, 2008 - Due to unanimous praise from Ron White’s first appearance in Bangkok on 27 March, AIM Inlines is proud to announce that they will be organizing a second and third seminar with the awe inspiring trainer.

Ron White astonishes his audiences by meeting and remembering the names of 50 or more attendees. He goes one step further by asking members of the audience to give him 40 or more random numbers; which he then repeats to them forwards and backwards.

Ron’s gift is not unique, however. During his seminar he teaches the audience how they can accomplish this same seeming feat of genius.

Using a memory system of files, images and, what he calls, ‘glue,’ Ron gives his seminar participants the tools to see and hear large amounts of information, in a short time and to recall it later hours, days, weeks or months later.

At Ron’s first Bangkok appearance entitled “Bring the Mind of Einstein to your Organization” (March 2008), he was unanimously praised by participants. He not only entertained the audience, he also taught them a very practical and usable skill. Attendees left being prepared to use their newly developed brain power to improve their business, enhance their personal life and increase their productivity.

“The first event was an astonishing success,” said Amin Rais, Project Director for AIM Inlines, the organizer of the event. “We had unanimous positive feedback from our entire audience. “People were using words like ‘amazing,’ ‘spectacular,’ and ‘unbelievable,’” Mr. Rais continued, finishing by saying, “with such overwhelming positive feedback, we knew that we had to bring Ron back to share his unique and effective system with more people.”

Ron White has been speaking about memory skills all over the world for more than 15 years. He has appeared on numerous television and radio shows, been featured in countless newspapers and magazines and conducted training seminars at dozens of major companies including General Motors, Toyota, Pfizer, Mitsubishi and Motorola. He also holds a Guinness Book world record for memory.

“The amazing thing about the seminar is that everyone has the ability to do what I do,” said Ron, continuing that, “Anyone can capture, retain and recall large amounts of information by using this system. Without a memory system, I’m an absent-minded person. It’s when I use the system that I can perform the things that amaze my audiences. But it is so easy to learn and do.”

The memory system is based on a concept of creating files to store information. The files are real, yet abstract. They consist of body parts, items in your house and a whole host of other real locations that you have stored in your mind.

From there, Ron teaches us to create an image of the information we wish to recall. It’s important to create an image because our minds are better at remembering these than words. As Ron points out, “most of us have had the experiences of bumping into someone we once met and not recalling their name. We recall their face because we actually saw their face but we never saw their name, so we can’t remember it.”

The final component of the system is what Ron calls ‘glue.’ Glue is similar to an association. It is the abstract association that sticks the information ‘image’ to your ‘file.’

During Ron’s seminar, he takes the audience through the system, teaching them how to build files, create images and glue them all together so that you can recall everything, easily and effectively.

Ron White’s day-one seminar is entitled “Bring the Mind of Einstein to your Organization.” It will consist of the history of memory training, the three step memory process, expanding your files to expand your memory, business applications for your files and secrets to recall names and build relations to catapult your business.

The day-two seminar is entitled “Triple Your Memory, Triple Your Organization’s Productivity.” In the newly added seminar Ron will go deeper into memory skills to teach the audience more practical business applications for their newly developed memory skills as well as a “Taste of Speed Reading,” where he gives attendees the skills to read and remember faster and more effectively.

Both seminars will be held at the Radisson Hotel, Bangkok on Rama 9 and run from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

For more information about the event, log on to www.aiminlines.co.th or call the AIM Inlines’ offices at 02-270-0984-5. Tickets are also available at Thai Ticket Major - www.thaiticketmajor.com – 02-262-3456.

Actual testimonials from Ron White’s first appearance in Bangkok (provided on post-seminar evaluation forms)
“Totally Amazing!!!” –Executive of Toshiba (Thailand)

“Ron White gives practical tips you can use to improve your memory immediately.” –Rob Thompson, Managing Director, Ecobrand.

“This course was a refresher par excellence.” -Charles Anthony O’Neil, GM, Grand Millennium Hotel, Bangkok.

Notes to the editor

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AIM Inlines is a Bangkok-based company that helps corporations, associations and agencies improve their operational efficiency, staff performance and overall productivity without increasing their budget. We do this by bringing some of the world’s top trainers and expert’s right to your doorstep, providing you with their invaluable knowledge and insight.

AIM Inlines was established in 2001 and has served the needs of tens of thousands of customers throughout the world. AIM Inlines has established relationships with many of the worlds most notable and accomplished speakers and trainers and we are prepared to bring these people to you.

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About Ron White

Ron is considered to be the world's foremost memory expert and trainer. He has memorized the names of 200 people in 15 minutes even more times than he can remember! Audiences have long marveled at his ability to memorize a 60 digit number in less than 90 seconds or memorize a deck of shuffled cards in a flash. Every audience Ron shares his talk with leaves laughing, amazed and empowered that they can do the same thing!

He has delivered tailored workshops for General Motors, Microsoft, Toyota, Honda, American Airlines, Cisco Systems, Boy Scouts of America, Lexus, Coldwell Banker, Pfizer, Century 21 and thousands more around the world.

Ron has appeared on over 200 radio programs, FOX television, newspapers and magazines all over the world. In August of 2003, Ron was the guest on the British television program, 'Simply the Best' in which he demonstrated how anyone could train their mind to think more effectively. In July of 2005, he appeared on CBS television's Great Day San Antonio and The Trinity Broadcasting Network. In January 2006, was a guest on the Discovery Channel's 'Dr. Know' series discussing memory myths.

Ron is the author of 2 books and over a dozen personal development audio programs including his best selling 'Memory in a Month' 6 CD album sold around the world everyday. Ron promises to memorize a 40 digit number live for your group that the group creates and he never sees and then teach them memory skills to do the same and catapult their business!!

Ron has his own television show in the United States where he discusses weekly how to train your mind for peak performance. Ron's talks are always the highlight of any event!


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