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  Innovation Management by Steve Shapiro

Innovation Management Guru to Appear for the First Time in Bangkok

(For immediate release)

At a Glance (Full release below)
Who: Stephen Shapiro
What: Seminar – 24/7 Innovation
Where: The Radisson Hotel Bangkok, Rama 9 Road, Bangkok
When: 10 July 2008
Why: To introduce new tools and techniques in innovation management to business and organization professionals.
Organized by: AIM Inlines (www.aiminlines.co.th)

Summary: Steve Shapiro, an expert in innovation management and best selling author of “24/7 Innovation,” “Goal Free Living,” and “Little Book of Big Innovation Ideas” will be returning to Bangkok for the first time in nearly a decade. Stephen is coming for a one-day-only seminar on his exciting and world renowned ideas of innovative management that teaches participants how to be creative and how to get their entire organization to contribute to the innovation process.

Innovative Management: Tapping the other 97%

In his blockbuster book, “The World is Flat,” the Pulitzer prize winning author, Thomas L. Friedman describes how the world is converging into one global, integrated market, where the old-world style of top-down business management models is heading towards extinction. The convergence of technology and the ability of individuals to collaborate from anywhere at anytime and do nearly anything is only at the beginning of its development. In the next 20 years, the ways in which we structure and conduct business will be vastly different.

This new ‘flat’ world will require us to be ever more creative and innovative to remain competitive. The question then is, “how do we exercise and increase our ability to be innovative?”

Scientists tell us that human beings, on average, only use about 3% of the brain’s full capacity. The other 97% remains dormant. Imagine the power that would be available to you if you could find a way to utilize even some of that remaining capacity.

Companies and organizations are very similar. We often rely on a small group of people to lead us forward. That small group represents the 3% of the ‘brain’ that is being actively used, while the remaining creative power lay dormant. In the face of the ferocious new competition we can expect in the coming decades, we need to find ways to tap that dormant power to unlock the innovative and creative spirit that exists. Stephen Shapiro (www.steveshapiro.com), the author of the best selling book “24/7 Innovation” and an expert in the field of innovation management says that we can.

Stephen, who will be appearing live in Bangkok on 10th July, 2008, reveals that everyone has creative ability and thus posses the capacity to be innovative. We simply need the right tools to help us unlock that power. In “24/7 Innovation” Stephen gives us those tools. He provides us with a way to develop, not only our own power of creativity, but ways to access the power of our entire organization, thus unlocking the remaining 97%.

Imagine a company in which every employee can add their brain power to thinking about and driving the innovation process. Just as is done with large scientific research projects, where vast numbers of smaller computers are linked together to exponentially increase the power of the central computer you can tap all the power available to you to increase your innovative advantage. Even better, Stephen’s methods will show you just how easily this can be done.

In his upcoming seminar, organized by AIM Inlines (www.aiminlines.co.th) and to be held at the Radisson Hotel Bangkok, he will be working through the important themes from his book as well as adding new research and insight. The event is a collection of lecture, case studies, and workshop exercises that will teach you proven methods to develop your own creative ability and show you how to pass that along to the rest of your organization.

In a coming age when your ability to stay one step ahead of your competitors will determine whether you fail or succeed, having the power to tap 100% of the creative and innovative potential of your company will be crucial. Steve Shapiro’s effective techniques show you how.

Steve Shapiro’s books are available in most fine book stores. To learn more about Steve Shapiro’s appearance in Bangkok, log on to www.aiminlines.co.th 

Note to Editors

About AIM Inlines

AIM Inlines is a Thailand-based company that helps corporations, associations and agencies improve their operational efficiency, staff performance and overall productivity without increasing their budget. We do this by bringing some of the world’s top trainers and expert’s right to your doorstep, providing you with their invaluable knowledge and insight.

AIM Inlines was established in 2001 and has served the needs of tens of thousands of customers throughout the world. AIM Inlines has established relationships with many of the worlds most notable and accomplished speakers and trainers and we are prepared to bring these people to you.

We also organize a range of cutting edge seminars on the latest business methodologies. These one and two day events are not only fun and exciting, they are highly educational, providing you and your team with the most up-to-date business knowledge from leading innovative thinkers.


About Steve Shapiro

Stephen Shapiro has inspired hundreds of thousands of people in 27 countries with his speeches on creativity and innovation. His career is based on the core belief that every individual and organization has yet to realize its full, extraordinary potential. Guided by this principle, he teaches clients how to identify and leverage their strengths, root out and overcome their weaknesses, and ultimately capitalize on opportunities they never knew existed.

During 15 year tenure with the international consulting firm Accenture, he established and led their Global Process Excellence Practice and developed innovation training that was delivered to 20,000 consultants. In 2001, Shapiro changed direction and left the management consulting world to promote his first book, 24/7 Innovation: A Blueprint for Surviving and Thriving in an Age of Change. This highly acclaimed book has been featured in Newsweek, Investor’s Business Daily (four times) and the New York Times.

In 2003, Shapiro applied the effective innovation and creativity strategy he’d developed for his clients to find even more opportunity. That summer, he set out and drove 12,000 miles around the United States and interviewed 150 people to research and write his next book, Goal-Free Living: How to Have the Life You Want NOW! This counter-cultural book became the #1 Amazon.com “Business Motivation” and #1 BarnesandNoble.com "Self-Improvement" best-seller, was featured on TomPeters.com, O - The Oprah Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

During his career, Shapiro has advised leading organizations around the world including Staples, General Electric, Pearson Education, Lockheed Martin, ABB, Xerox, Avaya, Vodafone, BMW, Frito Lay, Barclays, the Singapore government, UPS, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences such as The Marketing Forum, The Forrester CIO Forum, the Human Resources Council, and the Creative Education Foundation's Creative Problem Solving Institute. He is the president elect for the New England National Speakers Association.


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