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Sales Skills Boot Camp

(Selling at Combat Speed)

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   Sales Skills Boot Camp (Selling at Combat Speed)


27th & 28th April, 2010
Radisson Hotel, Sathorn Rd., Bangkok
09:00 am to 04:30 pm

Sales Skills Boot Camp (Selling at Combat Speed)

2 Days Exclusive Workshop by Michael Miller

The one–day seminar is great. This two-day boot camp is mind blowing. You want to talk about getting in the trenches? We are going beyond the trenches and the weeds and discovering secrets that will transform your organization. This two-day Boot Camp will be packed with interactive exercises and role-playing. Additionally to the one-day learning objectives, you will also be exposed to the following in this 2-day Boot Camp:

  • Conduct exercises to learn your true facts and benefits of your company that separate you from your competitor.
  • Work with yo9u to develop your very own 30 Second Commercial.
  • Learn questioning techniques that will allow you to control the conversation by only talking 10-20% of the time.
  • Learn how to overcome any objection.
  • Learn the difference between The Golden Rule and The Platinum Rule and why it is so important in the sales process.
  • Discover the true understanding to influencing people.
  • Learn and understand the factors that create first impressions from the first 10 seconds.
  • Learn to build credibility by asking questions.
  • Learn to uncover the prospect’s hot buttons (emotional drivers) every time.
  • Plus so much more!


Slip on your boots and join us in a fun, interactive, motivational, and educational sales training seminar. This two-day, power-packed seminar presented by Michael Miller, author of “Selling at Combat Speed - Finding the Inner Sales Warrior” will take your closing ratios to new levels.

The overall purposes of a Military Boot Camp is to distance the recruit from thoughts, language and habits that could be detrimental in stressful or combat situations, come to terms with their choice of career, learn to adapt and overcome and become proficient in their skills. This is exactly what Sales Skills Boot Camp is designed to do. Many of his Fortune 500 companies have doubled and triple their closing ratios as a result of Michael’s training and coaching.

Come, listen and learn the same valuable strategies Michael has taught the teams of such big names as AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Volvo Cars of North America, JE Morgan, IBM, Intel, and many more corporate giants!! This truly is an event you cannot afford to miss! Participants in this two-day event will re-learn their sales language, routines and habits and become proficient with the sales process. Sales Recruits, even top sales professionals, will go back to basics and then beyond to learn and re-learn the following:

AIM Inlines will be bringing Michael Miller for the very first time in Bangkok on 25th & 26th of February, 2010!!! Some of the world’s BIGGEST COMPANIES have come to trust Michael Miller and his system of sales and marketing success…….. and now is your chance to learn the VERY SAME INFORMATION!! For more information on Michael Miller Seminar please contact us.

For more information on Michael Miller Seminar please contact us.

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