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   Total Financial F.R.E.E.D.O.M. System


13th March 2010
The Landmark Hotel, Bangkok
09:00 a.m To 05:45 p.m


7 Easy Ways to Reach Your Financial and Life Goals

A Full day Seminar by Sebastien Leblond FAIQ, NLP

  1. Develop a Millionaire�s Mindset. Enhance your Financial (EQ) to set yourself at ease and invest with confidence.

  2. Know your Financial and Life Goals: align your focus to systematically achieve your Financial and Life goals, to fully dedicate time to do what you do best.

  3. Increase your Financial IQ: Understand various investment vehicles and learn investment strategies to maximize return and minimize risk.

  4. Decide � on your new wealth identity and how you are going to play this game going forward.

  5. Access a World of Investment Opportunities: access to non commission driven investment opportunities that are selected based on your personality, goals and risk tolerance.

  6. Experience a Long Term Relationship: Enjoy a long term relationship with your dedicated wealth coach and trusted advisor through ongoing coaching


Everyone dreams of purchasing their ideal home, providing for their children�s education and a retirement in comfort. And some dare to achieve total financial freedom. To accomplish these dreams, people work hard in their day to day jobs.

But it�s not just about working hard. Saving and investing are critical to achieving these dreams and making them your reality. People also face many challenges. Most rely on a single source of income, some have surplus income but limited access to investment opportunities; others lack clear goals or are confused and just really overwhelmed with all the information available on investing. Further challenges may be a lack trust in financial markets, financial institutions and financial advisors or a lack in confidence with ones� financial knowledge.

There is a solution to these challenges � The Total Financial F.R.E.E.D.O.M � System.

Designed with these real challenges in mind, it is a practical 7 step by step guide to reach your financial and life goals.

Sebastien Leblond has invested more than a decade consulting to High net worth individuals and expatriates on financial planning and investment strategies, has worked closely with the internationally renowned business leader Anthony Robbins� organization and is the Author of the Total Financial F.R.E.E.D.O.M. � System. This Platinum Wealth Management Program is the culmination of all that he has learned and developed in that process.

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