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Trainer Profile

Christina M.E. Dodd
Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor
Executive & Personal Life Coach

Growing Individual and Organizational Prosperity for Positive Change

Christina thrives on assisting women, men and youth, to pursue their dreams and reach for their goals. Her belief that each and every individual can achieve a full and meaningful life, given the opportunity to learn, to be coached and positively encouraged, is her driving force and her motivation.

Her career spans 40 years in Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and South East Asia working in the fields of government, advertising & marketing, international executive search, and multi-level marketing (United States and SE Asia).

In the USA Christina worked with leading motivational speakers and trainers to facilitate motivational, business and product seminars working with individuals, budding entrepreneurs and new and existing business owners. This experience enriched her mind-set and repertoire of skills in the field of human achievement and potential and as a result, set the stage for an adventurous and fulfilling career based around the "power of the individual".

As a self-professed advocate for change Christina is actively working through her newly founded initiative EMPOWER EVERY PERSON to enlighten, encourage, and empower "every person" so they may become successful entrepreneurs and valued contributors to business sectors and society, and that they may attain a more meaningful and sustainable life for themselves and their families in a world of unpredictable times and escalating challenges.

As an experienced trainer, Christina designs and conducts workshops pertaining to both personal and professional development with a focus on: soft skills, emotional intelligence, leadership and entrepreneurship. Her coaching extends to individuals, small business owners and corporate executives. Other specialties include public speaking on empowerment, consulting on learning and development strategies, competency assessments and personality / skills profiling.

She provides her services to multi-national companies, SMEs, government and non-government organizations, including selected private clients and individuals across the Asia Pacific - ASEAN region, through to India, the Middle East and Australia.

Christina has designed and presented workshops for numerous companies and businesses some of which include: Michelin | Chevron | Deloitte |Accor | Bayer |Lotte |AON |KPMG | Indorama |Thomson Reuters Software |NOK Airlines |Suzuki |Vietnam Television |Ministry of Finance Vietnam | Savilles | SHELL |ANZ Bank |Tourist Authority Thailand | Accenture.

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