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  Profile of Gary Lim

Mr. Gary Lim is the Principal Consultant of his own marketing consultancy firm. He has held positions of General Manager, Marketing Manager and Engineering Manager of several multinational companies, including Australian, Japanese and US Fortune 500 companies. The business activities of these companies cover a wide range of industries.

With more than 22 years of corporate experience in these industries, Mr. Gary Lim has extensive knowledge in marketing and management in the Asia/Pacific region. His experience includes 2 years in USA covering the North American market, 4 years in the Hong Kong regional office covering markets in North East Asia and 18 years in the Singapore office covering markets in the Asia/Pacific, Oceanic and Indian sub-continent regions. The major functions of his jobs in the Asia/Pacific region include market surveys, setting up and supervising distribution and dealer network, negotiating licensing agreements, business development, training, promotion, and ensuring success in market penetration.

Since setting up Gary Lim Consultancy in 1992, Mr. Gary Lim have conducted many training seminars on Asian markets in Europe, Australia, South Pacific Islands, South Africa, Middle East, China and other Asian countries. As a marketing consultant, he has provided advice to help companies establish their markets in Asia. His consultancy clients come from all over the world and in many different kinds of industries.

Mr. Lim is appointed a technical expert in international marketing by Asian Productivity Organization (APO) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). He is author of “Doing Business in Taiwan”, “Cultural Orientation Guide for Vietnam”, “Cultural Orientation Guide for Indonesia” and “Cultural Values of Singapore”. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Singapore and MBA from USA.

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