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  Getting Your Message Across

Key communications skills to help you put over your message in writing and in a presentation.

Communication seems so simple, yet breakdowns in communication abound and serious misunderstandings can have you losing your temper, face or credibility and failing to achieve what you want. People do not say, “What excellent ideas, what a pity the report was so difficult to read”; they say “What a dreadful report, I bet the ideas were rubbish too” and the same is true of “on your feet” presentations.

Both written and presentation business communication are career skills – affecting both your current job and future prospects – in which you simply must excel.

This program reviews the key factors that will help you prepare and communicate clearly, effectively, impressively and memorably.

It Will Help You!

  • Avoid the classic difficulties and pitfalls of communicating

  • Prepare a logical message; and get it ready fast

  • Write clearly, succinctly and effectively so that people will want to read what you have to say and will give it due attention

  • Speak “on your feet” clearly and with impact

  • Present in a calm, organized and confident manner.

In every way it will help make sure that your communications achieve what you want and position you as effective and competent.

Often there are no second chances and, when there is a good deal hanging on the communication being accepted, no second prizes. You may want a decision, an agreement, a sale; finances, a variety of results and your reputation may be involved – you have to get it right and must not allow any lack of knowledge or technique to dilute your effectiveness.

Who Should Attend?

Every executive, manager, or director who has to get messages across successfully and who needs to be seen as confidant and competent as they do so. Whether you communicate internally within your organization or externally (or both), if you need to acquire or refine your skills in this area this programme offers a rapid input to boost expertise.

Seminar Objectives

Participants will learn how to

  • Avoid communications pitfalls

  • Plan what to say, what not to say and how to put it across

  • Set out a clear written message

  • Prepare a formal presentation

  • Overcome “nerves”

  • Win attention and give a clear, calm and confident presentation

  • Use language to put over technical, financial and other details effectively.

Above all the programme will aim to help you ensure you achieve what you want.


The programme will use lectures, discussion, a training film and exercises to assist delegates get the most from the day.

Key Topics

The inherent difficulties of communication – why communication can be difficult and how to overcome such difficulties – the key principles that enhance understanding, demand attention and allow objectives to be achieved.

The message and how to construct it – setting clear objectives – selecting what to say from everything you might say – picking sound priorities – fixing the sequence – a proven system for constructing, editing and finalizing your message.

Putting it in writing – what to avoid - the principles of good written communication – style, tone and use of language – the impact of layout and presentation.
Putting it over “on your feet” – overcoming “presentation nerves” – dealing with the “speaking environment” – using visual aids - the essential techniques – preparation: the key to success – how to prepare – what sort of notes to use – organizing the message: a beginning, a middle and an end – tricks of the trade to make it memorable.

Overall the programme is designed to make creating and delivering your written and presentational messages more straightforward, more certain to be effective - and easier to deliver and easier for your recipients to take in.

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