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  Kaizen Strategies for Customer Care

A proven framework to implement a customer focused strategy that produces highly satisfied customers and increased employees job satisfaction.

You will never see your customer care programme the same again

Why is it that so many organisations embark on customer care programmes, invest a lot of time and money in them, and find that in the end nothing has changed? Many customer care programmes have failed because they have not been based on fundamental changes. Beneath the smiles old attitudes remain. Kaizen provides the framework and tools for these changes.

Kaizen means continuous and gradual improvements. Kaizen makes customer care a natural and never ending process. The new generation of Kaizen stresses the importance of putting quality in people both as individuals and teams. Around the world this continuous improvement process is helping organisations create customer care programmes that are both powerful and long lasting.

Aims of the seminar:

This programme will give you the opportunity to review and re-vitalise your customer care strategy. It will examine what it takes to create an environment where staff want to offer a value added service, because they care, and feel they are valued as individuals and their contribution is recognised.

During this programme we will explore:

  • What are the 6 satisfaction elements that need to be embraced for your customer to be truly satisfied

  • How can the creation of a Kaizen (continuous improvement) environment underpin all activities

  • How to support your frontline staff, by ensuring that processes and procedures help rather than hinder their activities

  • The concept of the internal customer

  • The creation of customer care standards that will give you measures for quality control purposes

  • See how to persuade staff to change, and adopt a more innovative approach to everything they do

Who will benefit?

Any manager, team leader, or supervisor who wishes to review and refresh their customer care strategy

Contents & Coverage

What needs to be in place for a customer to be truly satisfied?

Research methods
How do you get in touch with your customers to find out what they want?

What is a Kaizen (continuous improvement) environment, and how can it help you re-vitalise your customer care programme?
A seven step model to show you all the factors that need to be reviewed to develop continuous improvement

Environmental factors
What are the changes in the values and culture of the organisation that need to be made for the programme to succeed?

The moment of ‘service truth’ boundaries
How is your organisation perceived by the customer when they contact you and your department by telephone, Email, in writing, or on a face to face basis?

The need for ‘customer delight’
Where and how can you add value to the service offered and find the opportunity to exceed the expectations of your customer?

Customer care standards
What measures do you need to put in place for improving customer satisfaction?

How to break down inter-departmental barriers
The concept of the internal customer, and gaining an understanding of their needs and requirements

Problem solving in a Kaizen environment
How do problem solving activities differ in this environment?

The creation of a Customer Care Improvement Plan
You will take away a prioritised and timed improvement plan, plus the appropriate measures to ensure that continuous improvement becomes part of everyone’s every day activity.

The programme will be very inter-active, and you will find out about world class case studies of exceptional customer care initiatives. During the session a unique instrument entitled the Service Maze will be used to give you the opportunity to test your perception of customer care and how it should be delivered. There will also be film used to highlight the need for processes and procedures to be customer focused. And finally, you will leave having developed a practical Seven Step Kaizen Customer Care Improvement Plan.

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