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Zombie Management

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   Zombie Management

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28th March, 2012
Rembrandt Hotel,
Sukhumvit Bangkok
9:30 am To 12:30 pm

Zombie Management

Killing off dead ideas that stifle performance & destroy value

Forget vampires and werewolves. They are easy enough to slaughter judging from the recent spate of Hollywood movies and television dramas on these topics. But how does one slay zombies? Management zombies - the rotting corpses of theories and practices that keep on coming back despite being killed off years ago?

If we examine the prevalent thinking used in our organisations, and the assumptions underpinning that thinking, we will discover many management ideas that died long ago but that still shuffle around in the minds of executives. In this witty yet chilling tale from the management morgue, Dr Richard Hames, one of the world’s foremost experts on leadership and organisations, takes us on a tour of the management graveyard. There he will exhume 30 dead ideas, rotting corpses that still walk among us, and practical suggestions about what you can do to kill them off for good without setting fire to the building!


  • In this half-day Master Class you will trip over 30 management corpses – dead ideas that keep coming back and limiting what you can achieve
  • You will see how these zombie ideas disguise themselves in so-called “best practices” we assume must be good for our business – but actually are not
  • You will learn how you can kill these ideas off for good and, by doing so, restore value and improve performance exponentially.


The undead are notoriously difficult to kill, the main reason being that they are already dead. In order to kill a zombie management idea, you will need to do some extensive damage to the thing that's keeping it alive. That thing is the brain. There are multiple ways to kill zombies, of course, and you can be as creative as you like. But in this Master Class we’re going to identify the best and most creative ways to kill zombies.
Most ideas are long lived. Some ideas endure because they are useful. Others die and are forgotten. But even when they have proved themselves to be wrong and obsolete, they are very hard to kill off entirely. Instead they remain the undead, shuffling around in our minds long after we think we have destroyed them. In the history of management there is no more enduring zombie than the notion of command and control. Based upon military supervision the idea is that people do what you tell them to do.

If they don’t you just yell at them until they do. If they still don’t you punish them, and if they still don’t then you sack them. Clearly this is unacceptable in today’s world, but the zombie persists… The only way to kill a zombie is to replace it with a better idea. Eventually the zombies that cause so much harm will be laid to rest. Join us on this incredible journey with one of today’s leading management zombie slayers as our guide.


  1. Understanding where to look and how to identify a Zombie Management idea
  2. Zombies in organising - and breakout ideas to kill off the zombies
  3. Zombies in forecasting – and breakout ideas to kill off the zombies
  4. Zombies in planning – and breakout ideas to kill off the zombies
  5. Zombies in people management – and breakout ideas to kill off the zombies
  6. Zombies in branding – and breakout ideas to kill off the zombies
  7. Remaining alert to the threat of a system of ideas whose time has come and gone

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