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  Train The Trainer
Memory Certification Program


25-26 March, 2017
Holiday Inn Hotel,
Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok
9:00 am To 4:30 pm

Maximize Your Memory Certification Program
Train The Trainer - Memory Practitioner Class


This Maximizing Memory for Practitioners program is developed for those who want to not only increase their brain power at Maximum Level but also enhance it to help others.

You will get a world-class Certified Program form Ron White, USA Memory Champion (2009-2010). Ronnie White will show you how to conduct classes using his memory-expert techniques to improve your memory, and a great number of tools you have never seen before in any seminar!

  1. Understand how to teach the different levels of memory training
  2. Understand the sequence in which memory much be taught
  3. Be able to explain the different methods for memorizing numbers and why each is important
  4. Discover how to teach a group to memorize more than 1 item or word at a time
  5. Learn how to manage a group to memorize names at the pace you set
  6. Learn how to memorize the key points of the memory course so you can teach class without notes
  7. Learn the proper way to answer questions about the brain and memory
  8. The secrets to teaching a group to memorize names
  9. The secret to keeping the attention of a group
  10. How to give memory tests to the group
  11. Things to avoid that can sidetrack a seminar
  12. The best way to set up the room for a memory seminar

Like Ron White who has helped millions of people around the world, this program helps you to help others to maximize their brain potential to 25% more, and boost up memory storage to over 300%.  You will have mental files to store a number of digits, faces, names, and details like never before!  You can also help those who have a hard time memorizing things like the details on important meetings, the client’s details, the critical work process, etc.  

Visualize yourself as a distinguished practitioner who helps your participants – the manager who carries out organizational plan, the marketer who studies the customer needs, the salesperson who customizes the product and service to individual needs, or even anyone who wants to improve their memorizing skills. This is the foundation for any practitioner who wants to become a distinctive trainer, coach, facilitator, and consultant.  

Become a Memory Optimization Coach and Open doors to new possibilities
Advanced Memory Trainers Training, Take your Career to the next level...
Open New Doors of opportunity, Stand out from the crowd
Sign Up Now to Become a Certified Memory Specialist

This practitioner program teaches important key training issues including

- Deeper understanding memorizing concept
- Unlock your brain power potential
- A series of memorizing activities and applications
- Personal Mental files, just like Einstein
- Training modules to develop your daily brain power and storage expansion

The human brain is an amazing machine.
Your brain is made of over 100 billion cells that continually adapts to changing influences while absorbing vast amounts of data, day in and day out. The problem is, it can also be a pretty independent organ, and will store that data where it wants to unless you know the easy and effective techniques Ron is going to show you. Ron White's amazing techniques for memory improvement will make your life and work easier and better by unleashing the power that is already in your mind.

You are much smarter than you think you are!

Most people that believe they have a poor memory merely have an untrained memory. Using the simple memory techniques you will learn in this one day seminar, you will improve your memory by developing a system to store important bits of information and - more importantly –you will be able to access them on command, anytime or anywhere you want to.

Your mind is the most powerful computer in the world, but most people do not know how to tap into their mind's potential. Maximize Your Memory is like a user's manual for the mind, teaching viewer's how do more with their mind than they ever thought possible. Now you can be one of the few special people that understand how to operate your mind.

Recall information from workshops and seminars Every year organizations will spend thousands on training and retraining their employees. With Ron’s exclusive memory training skills you will learn to attend a workshop and then 1 hour later or 1 month later you will be able to recall the points forwards or backwards! This saves you time and saving time saves money! The statistics are that normally people remember only 10% of what they learn in a seminar.

Because of this, Every Person that will ever attend a seminar from your organization needs to sign up for Ron’s Exciting Memory Certification Program!

  • Picture files for memorizing names and numbers
  • Daily memory training software for number memory and memorizing decks of cards
  • Ron White's popular e-Book, 22 Success Lessons from Baseball
  • 10 E-books on Memory Training

USA Memory Champion (2009-2010) Ronnie White will show you how using his memory techniques to improve your memory can result in the most dynamic business tool you've ever had!

Don’t let another day go by without tapping in to your own unique memory skills. You do have it! You just need Ron White to help you release the power of your memory! For more information on this Memory Master Class please contact us. These series of Seminars are organized by AIM inlines, AIM Training.

Call now to reserve your seats for this mega event:

Tel: +662-513-0123

Email & Web Site:  


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