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Bring the Mind of Einstein to Your Organization

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Ron White




Bring the Mind of Einstein
to Your Organization


The Goal

Ron WhiteWorld Memory Expert, Ron White will teach you skills and strategies to Maximize Your Memory Skills! You will train your mind to an incredibly efficient level! You will discover ancient memory techniques known only by a handful of individuals. You will discover how these skills will catapult your income! Not only will you learn proven memory skills to send your organization to the genius level you will also look into the life and mind of Einstein to bring this mind and philosophy into your organization. Proven techniques to think like Einstein and triple your memory power Learn techniques used by memory experts to think like a genius and use your brain power like a computer to catapult your success!

Discover how Einstein approached:

  • Money
  • Success
  • Goal setting
  • Time Management
  • Staying focused
  • Relationships inside a business
  • Accepting criticism and getting better

Einstein You will learn how to bring the mind of Einstein to your organization!

A system to give speeches without notes whether your talk is 5 minutes or 5 hours Ė NO NOTES! This builds confidence and communication skills.

- Learn to build relationships by remembering names today, tomorrow and in five years! What would happen to your business if you remembered every customerís name and could greet them by name when out in public?

- Give speeches without notes! Discover the ability to effortlessly talk in front of a group without notes. This is an elite skill and when you have it your confidence will skyrocket!

- Have the ability to memorize a chapter of a book literally word for word

- Effortlessly recall 100-digit numbers. You will have a mental rolodex in your brain for phone numbers and addresses

- Ace any test by studying in one-third the time with 300% more retention!

- Learn a foreign language in a flash

- Be able to quote lines from your favorite book or speech at a momentís notice

- Build rapport and relationships when you recall important details about your customers

- Retain knowledge from seminars. How much money have you invested in seminars and books and you still canít recall the information? This seminar will be an insurance policy on every future class because you will recall the information!

- You triple your memory and triple your confidence and self-esteem when you discover the power of your brain!

- Recall complicated math formulas. Remove the stress of trying to recall complicated math formulas as you study for exams!

- Learn pages of product knowledge in just minutes!

- Much more!

Triple your memory and triple your confidence.
Tap into the greatest computer ever created! YOU!

Understand how to recall key tips from business meetings. Remember the strategies you learn in meetings and then implement them to earn more money.

  1. Learn to read in groups of words to speed your reading speed
  2. Learn to recall what you read
  3. Learn to triple your reading speed by using your hand properly when you read
  4. Learn to train your eyes to move faster and in a steady path to speed your reading speed.

Ron WhiteWho Should Attend?

  • CEO's
  • VP of Sales
  • Managers
  • Salespeople
  • Network marketing business owners
  • Administrative staff
  • Small business owners
  • Trainers
  • Teachers
  • Speakers
  • Artists
  • Students
  • Business start-ups
  • High achievers
Book Early! There'll be a Big Memory Class!!!

Donít let another day go by without tapping in to your own unique memory skills. You do have it! You just need Ron White to help you release the power of your memory! For more information on this Memory Master Class please contact us. These series of Seminars are organized by AIM inlines, AIM Training

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