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The human mind is the greatest computer ever created. That is the good news…the bad news is that very few people use it to its fullest potential.  Memory expert Ron White will show you how to tap into your hidden genuis to catapult your business!

He will teach you to recall names, give speeches without notes, memorize chapter of books word for word, recall phone numbers, product knowledge, information from seminars and much more! Ron will memorize a 60 digit number that the group creates and he never sees and then teach you how to do it! You will be amazed as you learn the power of the human mind and grow your career and business!

Ron will teach you how you can increase your sales, multiply your business, step up your productivity, boost your self-confidence and improve your grades when YOU tap into the hidden memory genius that you already possess!

This special one-day class is open to the public and will be held on 11th November, 2014, from 09:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., in Windsor Suit Hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 20 - Bangkok by AIM inlines & EWDI (Easter Wisdom Development Institute) ( or call for more info 02-513-0123 – 085-1313-835 – 086-810-4434       

8:30 am          Registration

9:00 am          Introduction & Opening Speech by Chief Guest

9:15 am          Bring the Mind of Einstein to Your Organization  
(Memory Training, Mind Training and Thinking Like Da Vinci and Einstein) 

Introduction: The history of memory training and powerful demonstrations of memory performed live by Ron White. Ron will memorize a 60 digit number that he never sees in just minutes and then share how it is possible for anyone to do this!

The Maximize Your Memory Method: The Basics of Ron’s 3 step memory process will be taught and the first exercise the group will memorize 10 words at random in the correct order. This skill will then be used to demonstrate how to give speeches without notes, memorize data from seminars or recall information from classes.  - Learn to build relationships by remembering names today, tomorrow and in five years! What would happen to your business if you remembered every customer’s name and could greet them by name when out in public?

10:15 am        Coffee Break

10:30 am        Expanding your Memory: The Tools and Techniques

Expanding Your Files: You will build 30 permanent mental files to use forever to recall information. These files will work just like files on your computer hard drive only in your mind!  - You triple your memory and triple your confidence and self-esteem when you discover the power of your brain!

12:00 pm        Lunch

1:00 pm          Business Applications for your Files

Learning to use your files to remember product knowledge, chapters of books, poems, speeches, presentations, numbers, facts, quotes etc……. 
You will understand how using your files will increase your business and sales - Recall complicated math formulas. Remove the stress of trying to recall complicated math formulas as you study for exams!

2:30 pm          Coffee Break

2:45 pm          How to think like Da Vinci and Einstein &
                        Triple Your Reading Speed

The human brain is an amazing machine. It is comprised of over 100 billion cells that continually adapts to changing influences while absorbing vast amounts of data, day in and day out. The problem is, it can also be a pretty independent organ, and will store that data where it wants to unless directed otherwise. That's where Ron White's amazing techniques for memory improvement come into play.
4:15 pm          Q&A and Close

4:30 pm          Private Questions & Informal Reception 

Don’t let another day go by without tapping in to your own unique memory skills. You do have it! You just need Ron White to help you release the power of your memory!  Call now to reserve your seat 02-513-0123 – 085-1313-835 – 086-810-4434

For more information on “Bring the Mind of Einstein to Your Organization” please contact us.

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