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Innovation - Marketing & Opportunity Capture

About Event
24 February, 2015
Holiday Inn,
Sukhumvit Soi 22 Bangkok
9:00 am To 4:30 pm

Innovation - Marketing & Opportunity Capture
A New Paradigm in Business Thinking -The Secret to Market Success
Embed Innovation - Involve your customers
And leverage the latent talents of all your people

About this Master Class (Business Building Through Innovation)
Many people talk about innovation and present endless case studies of successes and perhaps failures. The aim of these is to hopefully allow you to find insights into what underpins a success or failure. In fact hope and luck should have nothing to do with innovation and business success. Innovation is business and business should
not rely on hope or good luck. The aim is to deliver a powerful message and methodology with take away material that can transform your business and thinking and allow you to involve all your staff and customers on the journey.

Over the past eleven years Roger La Salle has been delivering his material to in more than 28 countries and in all industry sectors from services such as banking and finance, to airlines and manufacturers and even scientific research organizations and military establishments. The giant worldwide consulting firms Deloitte have now embraced this material and use it as a key part of the Deloitte Innovation Academy. This is the Deloitte e-learning tool for innovation in business.

The material presented is not theoretical or abstract but has been used by Roger during his career to develop some outstanding new products with wonderful success stories.

There is no need for any pre reading or study to embrace this methodology. A methodology that is remarkable in its simplicity but amazing in its effectiveness. Just come with an open mind and a willingness to participate and explore new horizons.


Morning Session:

Unlocking the mind – Marketing and the discovery of innovation

  • What is innovation – not just presented in a sentence but a definition derived like a mathematical equation
  • Why is innovation the best business medicine
  • Why does any business fail
  • How can you avoid the traps of new product failure
  • How can you reposition you offering to mitigate the biggest risk to your business
  • How can you quickly evaluate a new opportunity
  • Do business plans work – if not why not and are they important?
  • How can you undertake innovation in a practical systematic way that avoids the traps of haphazard brain storming that seldom produces an realizable outcome?
  • How to innovate a service offering and measure your service efficiency
  • The traps of so called “Open Innovation”
  • How to get all your people involved in the journey

Afternoon Session:

“Innovation” and “Opportunity Capture”

About this Master Class
This is an electrifying interactive Master Class delivered in person by one of the world’s leading and most respected experts in the power of innovation and the new paradigm of “Opportunity Capture”.

This material is completely original and had evolved over a lifetime of successful work by its developer, Roger La Salle.

What is it that make some organizations and individual so successful when other flounder with exactly the same opportunities? How do you understand the processes that underpin success in business and entrepreneurship? What are the secrets?

You will be amazed as the secrets unfold as they have done for some of the largest companies in the world that have now embraced these processes.


  • Delivered as two half day master classes, the second half day building on the preceding one all leading to outstanding outcomes in innovation and opportunity capture.
  • You will learn just what innovation is and moreover how you do it. Every person in these sessions will leave with a completely new view of their world of business
  • You will leave with a methodology you can apply to business and in life from the moment you leave the room
  • Roger makes a guarantee that you will see new opportunities that were blind to you in the past
  • You will be given simple but effective mechanisms to evaluate new products and ideas in ways you had never seen before.

Opportunity Capture
Systematic way to find a new Business opportunity

  • The Luck Factor, the difference between lucky and unlucky people
  • What is an opportunity
  • How to change your people from operators to opportunists
  • Does Persistence win – the chocolate cake example
  • What are the Five “Seeds” of an Opportunity
  • What is Consequential Change and how can I use that in my business
  • The most powerful means of promotion and it’s virtually costs free
  • Building an opportunity exercise
  • Life’s secret lesson that I learned from my dog
  • Comparison, one of the best teachers once you know what it means
  • Staff suggestions made to work
  • Reduce your operating budget and reap the rewards
  • Mitigating the biggest business opportunity killer
  • Embedding the culture
  • Inspiring and engaging your customers

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