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This is an interactive session, not a single overhead or PowerPoint is used.

Roger La Salle just walks and talks as he draws on a whiteboard the simple principles of business, Innovation and opportunity capture.

The take away material is comprehensive and the methodology that unfolds is fool proof.

  • Can you identify the only two risks in business, can you solve these - this session will show you how
  • Can you identify the sole reason anybody buys your product or service – this session will show you why
  • Where does your product or service rate on the business risk barometer – learn from this session and learn how to relocate your offering to lower the risk
  • What is the Innovation Trajectory of your business – discover that and uncover find ways to improve that trajectory to hit the target.
  • What are your business “Enablers” and business “Drivers”
  • What is an Opportunity – learn how to systematically search for one.

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