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Handling Rejection

As a professional speaker, I’ve had the unique opportunity to travel the world and meet successful people from all walks of life. After speaking with and surveying these people, I’ve come up with some traits they all seem to share. The one I wish to share with you in this lesson is: the ability to "See Yourself Successful."

Successful people really believe if you can "see yourself successful," you can be successful. If you can see yourself doing something in your mind, you can do it. But if you can’t even see yourself doing something in your mind, how can you possibly expect to do it in real life.

Have you ever said to yourself, or heard someone else say, "I can’t imagine doing that in my wildest dreams?" Well, if you can’t do it in your wildest dreams what makes you think you can do it in real life? You know as well as I do; it’s a lot easier doing this stuff in our dreams.

So, see it! See yourself successful. What you’re trying to do is create a picture of what you want your success to be in your mind. That is what successful people do: they create visions.

Successful salespeople and successful business people also create visions. First and foremost they create visions for themselves. They create visions for both their lives and careers. And because they’re able to create visions for themselves they are also able to create and communicate visions for their clients.

But, after all, isn’t that what you’re supposed to be doing. Are you just there to sell them whatever the heck you can and get out? Or are you there to help the client create a vision of what they really want and need. Are you just there to sell them the first thing that comes out of your bag, or are you there as a resource for your clients, who is there to sell solutions to any problems they might have?

Yet, how can you possibly begin to create a vision for someone else, if you can’t even create a vision for yourself?

I want you to think about a person you all know. I’m sure every one of you knows an, "excuse maker." The kind of people who always tell us how successful they could have been, but: "I never have any luck; I don’t get the good leads; my manager hates me." We all know people like that. Yet, even if those people were right about all their excuses, I would still have one question for them: how come you still could not even see yourself successful? Nobody stops you from dreaming and if you don’t have good dreams, all that’s left are NIGHTMARES!

I am convinced one of the single, biggest reasons salespeople do not do business is that they simply give up. They don’t see themselves successful, they only see themselves failing. So you know what they need? They need a reason. So they start to pre-judge people to decide ahead of time why they won’t buy. "Oh, she won’t buy from me, I’m sure we’re too expensive;" "I’m positive he can’t afford to do business with us. Why bother to ask;" "They had a bad experience with us a few years ago, there’s no need to call again." It’s almost as if they reject the prospect before the prospect rejects them.

So SEE IT! See yourself successful; visualize it. Create a picture of what you want your success to be in your mind.

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