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AIM Inlines latest service to help you improve your business communication needs. To learn more click here.

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Make an investment in your people and give them the tools to succeed & arrange house training for them (70% Charges apply).

Corporate Partnership of the AIM provides your people with access to some of the country's most valuable business resources and ongoing professional development opportunities. By helping them to maximize their potential, your people gain skills and motivation - which enables your organisation to achieve your objectives.

Any Corporate Partner employee can now access AIM’s exclusive online services and receive valuable professional development opportunities by becoming an AIM e-Partner. For only $200 per annum, e-Partners receive:

  • Online access to a huge range of international business journals, reference material and virtual library services- the essential research and management tool

  • Monthly email Management News, with targeted synopses on key management topics, special offers and valuable web links

  • 2 complimentary vouchers to special interest groups; these regular forums feature industry experts speaking on contemporary management topics.

  • Training courses and graduate programs at preferential rates

  • Customised training and development solutions

  • Breakfast briefings, special interest groups, seminars and management forums — at preferential rates

  • Information and research services at preferential rates

  • Venue Hire

  • Up to 20% discounts on AIM seminars, events & training, workshops.

  • 2 Free Seminars for AIM Members (Charges apply for training materials, lunches, morning/afternoon refreshments)

PLUS, discounts on

  • AIM training courses

  • Customised programs - developed exclusively to meet your organisation's needs

  • Breakfast briefings - featuring prominent industry leaders

Improve Organisational performance
AIM’s Organisational Development Group helps organisations improve productivity, competitiveness and profitability by developing their people and enhancing their work systems. Services include: Strategic Planning workshops and tools, the design and implementation of performance management systems including 360 degree feedback instruments, training needs analyses research, job analyses and job redesign, organisational climate and attitude surveys, Coaching and/or Mentoring.

Enhance performance by creating behavioural change
AIM’s Customised Training division develops programs that suit an organisation’s operating environment and culture, are easily implemented, offer long-term advantages, and enhance individual and organisational performance. These programs can range from one-day in duration to a fully accredited Graduate Certificate program with unlimited offerings in between. All customised programs can be delivered on the client’s premises.

Improve training efficiencies and reduce administrative workload
AIM offers a highly successful and effective training administration service. This service allows organisations to outsource back office operations leading to greater efficiencies and reduced costs. As with all AIM services this option is tailored to suit organisations specific requirements.

Are you managing your career as well as you’re managing your job?
AIM offers one-on-one career coaching to enable an organisation or their staff to take a more professional approach to career progression thus remaining professionally competitive and marketable.

AIM Inlines Group has expertise in many areas of organisational and human resource development. These include full-scale organisational diagnosis and development planning, team development, executive coaching and management development.

Our experienced professionals have devised a range of strategies to help leaders effectively take advantage of changes in business environments. In particular, they can show you how to harness the power of change to ensure that your business continues to grow, how to manage change in the marketplace and how to manage changes and expectations in the workforce. The consultants will put their expertise to work to improve business productivity with a range of interventions that include:

What is the current mood of your organisation? What issues need addressing? How aligned are your company's management practices to the company vision/goals? How committed are people to your current plans? These are just some of the questions that can be answered with well structured climate and attitude surveys. You name the issues or concerns you want to address and the AIM will customise a survey for your organisation - with full support and follow-up services.

A good product can mean little without the supporting marketing strategy that differentiates your product from others in the marketplace. Skilled consultants who understand the business environment in your industry can make a huge contribution to the effectiveness of your marketing plan. The AIM Organisational Development Consultants fit this description and is available to support your organisations ambitions.

Coaching is now recognised as a critical tool in enhancing performance, learning or facilitating any change initiative. This skill is now seen by successful organisations as a necessary skill for managers to be truly effective. The Australian Institute Of Management has a network of experienced coaches who can either train managers as a group to be coaches or conduct one-on-one coaching for individual managers. The business benefits of a "coaching culture" include attraction and retention of talent, reduction of performance-potential gap, and the encouragement of employees to think and work better together.

The Australian Institute of Management Organisational Learning is providing many members and clients with unique, practical solutions for their national training and development programs.

In this era of hyper-competition, organisations cannot depend on product, technological, or even quality differences, to create competitive advantage. Their greatest potential resides in a highly skilled and motivated work force that rapidly adapts to changing market conditions.

What defines winning organisations in the new millennium is organisational learning. Winning organisations can adapt to changing business conditions to seize new opportunities or to survive; they are businesses that have adaptable people, systems or processes which keep it ahead of the competition.

The Institute’s Customised Training Division was established for this very purpose — to help your people and your systems adapt to change. To help you enhance and maintain your competitive position.

Customised Training can guide and help you create effective yet affordable solutions to help you achieve your goals by:

  • Developing a national training or management development program

  • Providing opportunities for your managers to proceed through articulated educational pathways

  • Designing a tailored on-site course

  • Breaking through the barriers that prevent communication, collaboration and co-operation

  • Finding that performance consultant who can fine-tune your business processes

Developing an effective remuneration program is a complex challenge that potentially impacts every level of your business. The AIM National Salary Survey simplifies the task, giving you a powerful, transparent tool for determining salaries and conducting performance reviews.

"Good people are as hard to find, as they are expensive to replace"

The loss of key staff and the subsequent recruitment process is both expensive and time consuming. Given the significance of intellectual capital in assessing a company's market value, losing the knowledge of key people can have serious consequences for your business.

"The cost of employee turnover is high - research has shown that for a middle manager the cost of turnover is 241% of annual salary"

To attract and retain the best employees, it's essential to offer competitive remuneration packages. The AIM National Salary Survey contains accurate salary data and detailed position descriptions, enabling you to benchmark salaries against the market rate and assess the precise value of every position in your organisation.

"Flexible, practical information, that's easy to use"

Designed for companies with a turnover from $2m to $300m, the AIM National Salary Survey contains market pay rates and detailed position descriptions for over 340 jobs across 18 industries.

The information is clearly presented in salary tables. It's a practical, easy-to-use guide for remuneration planners that has been carefully compiled from data provided by over 750 contributing organisations Australia-wide; including salary information on 25,000 people.

The survey also includes pay movement and forecast data, as well as information on current HR policies, practices and trends, to assist you in making more informed HR and remuneration planning decisions.


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