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  Publications by Patrick Forsyth

Note: these are in particular order, unless the title is self-explanatory, a few words of comment are added. Some are out of print (marked O/P), but the list indicates the areas in which I work, and much material can be made available in other forms.

Running an Effective Sales Office: managing the inside sales team and process o/p

Running an Effective Training Session: a complete starter kit for the new trainer or manager wanting to train people

Marketing for Non-Marketing Managers: an explanation for other functions o/p

Ready Made Activities for Presentations Skills: this is a blueprint for a trainer or manager to conduct a training session on the topic. There are three, others are Selling Skills and Successful Account Management; the series includes other titles on for instance negotiation, and communication. o/p

Marketing and Selling Professional Services: practical guidance for accountants, lawyers, consultants and everyone selling expertise and time. Recently published in a new edition, the book is published in association with the Institute of Directors

Marketing on a Tight Budget: a guide for small business o/p

How to be better at Marketing: a guide to marketing basics (part of a series with this – How to be better at title)

How to write Reports and Proposals: a revised version, now published in association with the Sunday Times newspaper

Persuasive Business Writing: how to write everything from sales letters to brochures, newsletters and press releases o/p

30 Minutes: an excellent mini-book series from Kogan Page (about 15,000 words) of the practical core of topics. My titles are:
30 Minutes before a presentation
30 Minutes to write a report
30 Minutes to get your own way
30 Minutes to motivate your staff
30 Minutes before your appraisal

Marketing stripped bare: a humorous “demystification” of what marketing is and how it works designed for the non-marketing person and presented in a novel and humorous way to make it truly accessible

How to Motivate People: published in association with the Sunday Times

Developing your Staff: (also with Sunday Times) a manager’s guide to all aspects of gaining improved results from training and development in all its forms.

Successful Time Management: - also in the Sunday Times series

One-Stop Marketing: essentially this is “Marketing for Non-Marketing Managers” in an A – Z reference format common to a series

Career Skills – a guide to long term success: not how to get a better job, rather how to actively manage your career successfully so that you ensure you are equipped for promotion or change o/p

The Selling Edge: sales techniques with a focus on how to differentiate from competition. o/p

101 Ways to Increase Sales: a review of selling skills arranged in 101 sections rather than chapters o/p

Agreed! – making management communication persuasive: communications skills and negotiations presented in linked form for non-marketing people. o/p

Conducting Successful Negotiations – the key techniques of negotiating explained

Negotiation Essentials
- how to get the deal you want every time a short guide to the essentials (encapsulating the title above)

Appraising Job Performance
- key assessment techniques that will positively influence motivation (a short text in the same series as the negotiation title above)

Successful Telephone Selling in a week: this fits a series, the “in a week” element is only really reflected in its being in seven chapters. o/p

Understanding Office Politics in a week: for everyone working in an office o/p

Kickstart your Corporate Survival: a guide to career planning and management in the modern workplace o/p

Communicating with Customers: strategy for initiating and maintaining business relationships, coupled with how-to elements on communication methods.

Communicating with your Staff: all the management techniques that come down to communication.

Marketing in Publishing: a review for this special (and somewhat insular) industry, published as one of a range of titles for the industry.

Maximising Hospitality Sales: sales techniques specific to hotels and other venues (e.g. conference centres) linked to U.K. Meetings Industry Association.

Making Meetings Work: short monograph (18/20,000 words) published by Institute of Personnel and Development (IPD).

Telephone Skills: as above (IPD) – for everyone dealing with people by telephone

20 Activities to Increase Sales Effectiveness: one of a series of training exercise compendiums – all the material for trainer and trainee - published in loose-leaf form (A4 binder) with no restriction on copying of training materials.

Conducting promotional events: what in some industries are called “client or promotional seminars”. (Originally published with an audio-tape by Institute of Chartered Accountants) o/p

Making Successful Presentations: practical guidance on a vital core skill for many.

The Management Speakers’ Sourcebook: guidance on presentation and on how to handle specific common speaking commitments successfully

Hook your audience a compendium of quotes, stories, anecdotes and bon mots strung together with advice for presenters and trainers wanting to introduce some humour into what they do in management

Management Pocketbooks I have five books in this series of “mini-texts” on negotiation, selling, starting in management, managing upwards (managing your boss) and managing meetings

Getting a top job in Marketing: published in association with The Times – a guide to those wanting to get into and on in marketing

Getting a top job in Sales and Business Development also in the series above

ExpressExec: I have titles in this Capstone/Wiley series of books (available in print and electronic form) on:
- Sales management
- Career management
- Channel management
- Negotiation
- Business planning
- Market research.
- Selling a Service
- Self development for sales people

Smart things to know about Becoming a Consultant – setting up, winning and doing the work - part of the Smart series

Managing in the Discomfort Zone – a short, in part inspirational, book offering some opportunities for anyone to improve their effectiveness and performance.

Marketing – essential principles, new realities – a textbook written with two academic co-authors.

Detox your career – an up to date guide to active career management

Manage your boss – this sets out how to create a positive and constructive relationship between managed and manager.

How to craft a successful business presentation and effective public speech – a new up to date look at an important topic.

There’s no need to shout! (to be published during 2007) is a new look at business communications, focusing especially on communication in writing and formal presentations.

Surviving office politics – a humorous look at the workplace with some common sense about how to deal with office politics along the way.

Winning business in the property sector – a book on personal sales technique aimed at the special world of architects, surveyors etc.

A further textbook was published in 2005 to link to ICSA qualifications: this, co-authored with David Madden, is on Business communications.

100 Great sales Ideas – a book of 100 double page spreads all highlighting ways to maximise the effectiveness of sales techniques (due out in 2007)

The gentle art of getting your own way – selling – persuasive technique – for non-sales staff and the layman (due out in 2007)

NOTE: many of the above books also appear in various language editions (twenty two in all), or in English language editions for specific markets (e.g. India); four books were published first in Singapore, later appearing in slightly revised form in international editions.

Other writing

Writing also includes articles for a range of business journals (e.g. Professional Marketing and Better Business), and material to sit alongside video and audio material (e.g. for Executive Business Channel), material for web sites (e.g. Free serve and one of the major banks). Projects also include corporate publications (e.g. a monograph on team building used as part of the promotion by a software company and a small business guide for a major bank), and some copywriting.

In addition I have: co-written, ghost written and edited (organising and collecting chapters from a list of writers), originated the format for book series, acted as external editor for publishers and ad hoc “literary agent” for several other business writers (now with a number of books successfully published), and had some involvement in specifying the content and treatment of video and audio material. I have reviewed books for Amazon and The Good Book Guide, and am on the British Council Register of consultants to the publishing industry. I have conducted courses for The Publishing Industry Training Centre and the Singapore Publishers Association and been a keynote speaker at the annual Paju Bookcity Forum in Seoul.

Training: I conduct training on various aspects of business writing (focusing on everything from reports to sales letters) and have some involvement in more “creative writing”, for instance writing for Writing Magazine and speaking at writers groups.

Reviews: Many good reviews have been published over the years about these books. Taking general comments a recent one (in Professional Marketing magazine) said: Patrick has developed a lucid and elegant style of writing, which allows him to present information in a way that is organised, focused and easy to absorb; another (in PSMG News) said Patrick Forsyth is a master of the written word.


Category: Travel writing
Pub date:  January 2007
Territory: World (All languages)
Imprint: Marshall Cavendish Editions

Advance information from the publisher:

Retail Price
£9 – 99 ISBN: 981 261 316 1

“Sick to death of budget airlines and cramped hotel rooms, Forsyth decides to blow the budget and take a long trip in luxury … his writing is witty … if you miss the days of the empire, agree with him that Belgium is boring and that everyone on cruises is horrible, then this will be a treat” The Good Book Guide

Copies available now direct from the author – post free.

The stirring motivational messages and presentations available to your company will make your event a success!! Go pick up the telephone and call right now and we will move forward to the next step:

Amin Rais 
Tel: 00-66-2-2700-984-5
Fax: 00-66-2-2700-986

First Class at Last!

London—Bangkok—Singapore… the ultimate travel experience

About the Book

Luxury – splendour – magnificence – excellence – sumptuousness – grandeur

Fed up with the grisly process of travel: the slow queues, the delays, the crowds, the stress, hassle and tedium, and the extreme discomfort of the average economy airline seat? The author was, and he decided to do something about it. He arranged a trip designed to be the antidote to routine travel misery. “This time I am fixing a trip and going first class. This time it will be different. It will be better. It will be wonderful.”

But would that be easy to do? The first challenge was to decide where to go. That done he embarked on a truly singular journey. Flying to Bangkok, he stayed in world renown The Oriental Hotel, continued on to Singapore and the equally famous Raffles Hotel and then travelled in style the 1200-odd miles back to Bangkok on the Eastern & Oriental Express: three days and two nights on what many people regard as the best train ride in the world. Obviously a break was then called for to recover from such a period of intensive and unrelenting luxury, so he headed for a famous spa on the beach.

Along the way, he meets a rock-and-roll musician, a terrified undertaker, visits dubious bars and colourful markets, has an encounter with the bodyguards of the Thai Royal family, takes a trip to Penang, and embarks on a boat trip along the River Kwai. Going first class can be hard work; but this lively, wry and amusing account of luxury travel highlights what every traveller secretly longs to do—throw the budget out the window and travel in style.

As Patrick says at the end, “It was a tough job, but someone had to do it … and the journey was a revelation.”

About Author

Patrick Forsyth has worked for many years as a business consultant and management trainer. Linked to this he is the author of more than 50 business and management, personal development, self-help and career books (for example, Detox Your Career and Manage Your Boss, which are from this same publisher).

In recent years his writing has expanded into broader areas. He has had a humorous book published about office life, Surviving Office Politics (Marshall Cavendish). In addition, he has had short stories published and also writes about writing for Writing Magazine for which he also pens a monthly column.

He first travelled to Southeast Asia some 25 years ago, and has visited regularly—especially to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand—for both work and holidays every year since. He lives in the United Kingdom, in Maldon in Essex, where he writes looking out over the River Blackwater.

  • An alternative look at travel in Asia rather than the more common budget travel.

  • Beautiful pictures of the hotels and spas are included.


  • General interest readers and armchair travelers.

  • People interested in, or imagining, luxury travel, particularly in Asia.

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