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The DNA of Success

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   The DNA of Success


20th November, 2013
Windsor Suites Hotel
Sukhumvit Soi 20, Bangkok
9:00 am To 4:30 pm

The DNA of Success

The TRUE cause of all achievement
(Jack Zufelt LIVE in Bangkok)

(Based on Jack Zufelt’s #1 best-selling book, The DNA of Success and his world famous audio program)

About the Event

World Famous Success Expert and #1 Best-Selling Author Reveals A Concept That Guarantees Success in any Area of Life! It never fails. “This Seminar is about unlocking and unleashing the forces inside you that can help you to break through any limit and create the quality of life that you desire and deserve. Discover how to break the unconscious fears that are holding you back.

Jack Zufelt skillfully walks the audience through the methods and techniques of Success that don’t work and then provides them easy to understand and apply ways of thinking and being that are fundamental and have worked for centuries. Then, unlike any other speaker on the planet, he proves his concepts work by showing the results live and on stage in front of everyone.

His foundational premise is that if Goal Setting, Positive Thinking, Daily Affirmations, Motivational Speakers, Self Talk, Visualization, Walking on Hot Coals and Every Other "Technique" That Self-Help Guru's preach do not work. What you will hear from Jack will shatter conventional self-help theories and techniques that well-meaning Self-Help Guru's and motivational speakers and trainers and have been teaching for the past 75 years. Even though they mean well (God bless them) and genuinely want people to be successful — they are stunting, maybe even permanently destroying your chance to be successful and they don't even know it.

These things have been taught since the 1940s and millions have tried them all. Sadly most do not achieve the promised oasis of success. Instead they end up with a mirage and failure. Then they buy another course and do it again and again.

Jack stops this expensive cycle with a better way that is so powerful that is being called a “Wake Up Call” for the self-help industry and a “Break Through” on how to achieve success and become a high achiever.

All Attendees will:

  • 1. Become an unstoppable force in your personal and professional lives by accessing and flipping on your personal power switch within you that has been there all along. Everyone has a power switch but most don’t know where it is. Jack shows where it is and how to throw the switch to unleash YOUR Conquering Force©!
  • 2. Be able to isolate the single root cause of all achievement so you can perform at peak levels and overcome all barriers and obstacles in your way.
  • 3. Become focused and productive at the highest levels at work, in sales, management and at home.
  • 4. Be able to zero in on your automatic mechanism that propels them into action resulting in unqualified, sometimes amazing levels of success.
  • 5. Find out what really motivates YOU from deep within. Jack will show you how to drill down to your Core Desires© and mine solid gold!
  • 6. Find out why Goal Setting, daily affirmations, visualization, listening to motivational speakers or reading self-help books just don’t produce the desired results.
  • 7. Stop wasting time and money on techniques and methods that don’t work.
  • 8. Learn not just “how to do it” but how to “get yourself to do it”….NOW!

When Jack is finished the audience will have a simple, step-by-step blueprint on how to achieve exactly what they want for the rest of your lives.


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