Bring the Mind of Einstein to Your Organization

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How to Develop the Mind of Einstein

Ron White

   Bring the Mind of Einstein to Your Organization - Malaysia


28th of August, 2008
Berjaya Times Square Hotel,
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
9:00 am To 4:00 pm

Train Your Mind to Work Like a Human Computer!

  • How to Develop the Mind of Einstein and his Secret to Success
  • Increase Your Memory Power By 300%
  • Give Speeches or Presentations without Notes
  • With the Taste of Speed Reading

Albert Einstein was one of the greatest minds of all time. He made an impact on the world that few have. He is known as an incredible genius and we can learn a lot from his life. Imagine if Albert Einstein was a manager in your organization! Would that impact your productivity? You bet it would!

It is not possible for Einstein to take a job at your organization, however, because we have carefully studied his life we have learned lessons from his thoughts, philosophies and life work. These lessons can be applied directly to your organization and you can see how the mind of Einstein would triple the productivity for your company.

Increase workplace productivity through memory improvement!

Most people associate the term, "memory training," with strengthening their ability to remember names and faces, and perhaps sundry items such as grocery lists. While the memory techniques offered by world-renown author and speaker, Ron White, certainly work in those areas, there are other benefits of memory training that are often overlooked, including the ability to make more sales, better market your brand, and improve your business as a whole!

A Taste of Speed Reading!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine your powerful new memory with the ability to read at quicker rate? Ron White will teach you the secrets to increase your reading speed and retain even more information than ever before. You’ll end your productive day with the ability to take on more information, faster and more efficiently than ever before boosting you ability to get another step ahead of the competition.

Ron White will show you how using his memory techniques to improve your memory can result in the most dynamic business tool you've ever had!

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