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   Power of Change Seminar


Mental Codes—The Power of Change Seminar©

A Master Class presented by Dr. Michael J. Duckett
Social Scientist, Radio/Television Host, Author/ International Speaker

The Mental Codes—The Power of Change Seminar

Based on some of his 133 books and programs and scientific discoveries, “The Mental Codes—Overcoming Thoughts that Keep You Stuck in Life,” Dr. Duckett will discuss practical steps to change a person’s mind and behavior that will produce greater success and results. Dr. Duckett will reveal amazingly simple, but profound ways to increase happiness and success by changing your thoughts and habits. He will discuss strategies that audience members can utilize to change the way they’ve been doing things to make their businesses and careers even more successful.

8:00 am Registration
8:30 am Welcome and Introduction of Dr. Michael J. Duckett
  Power of Emotions at Work and in Life—How emotions determine the results
  • Human beings are designed for obsessions
  • Becoming obsessed about the right things

Class Exercise

  • Maintaining a focus on your intended target
  • Regularly evaluating your target

Class Exercise

  • Mental Codes—Repeating thoughts and behaviors that keep a person stuck
  • Bio Neuro Technique to change negative or counter productive thoughts

Class Exercise

  • Thoughts create Emotions that create Actions, that create Habits, that produce Success or Failure
  • Changing habits to create a changed life
  • Perpetual Negative Question we ask when faced with a stressful situation
  • Overcoming Limiting Fears
  • Confronting (Facing) your life and work produces more personal power
10:00 am Morning Break
10:30 am Getting All The Way Into Your Game

Playing 100% of yourself in the game

  • Identifying the percentage of effort you’re putting forth and how to change it to 100%
  • The one degree difference in life and work

Class Exercise

  • Systematically improving results
  • Identifying what isn’t working will prevent insanity
  • Stop wishing for things to improve and become proactive in creating the change
  • Create a “Things Not to Do” list

How to Manage Time Rather Than Using Time Management

  • Feeling Overworked
  • Using Balance to Avoid Burnout Syndrome
  • The 168 hour formula to a better life
  • Becoming Causative rather than Effective in life and business

The Weaknesses of Motivation and the Power of Inspiration

  • Why Goals and Action steps don’t work by themselves
  • Motivation versus Inspiration toward a desired outcome
  • Identifying your desired results in business and life
  • The Process of achieving measurable results on a regular basis

Class Exercise

Questions & Answers

12:00 pm Lunch
13:00 pm Overcoming Limitations in Life and at Work

The Truth About Limitations and Obstacles

  • Limitations only exist in your head
  • Differentiating between Reality and Limitations
  • Avoiding the Limitations of Others

Class Exercise

The Power of Becoming a Giving Resource

  • Every Successful Person gave first and then greatness followed
  • Energizing your success by giving more to your job and others

Achieving Results Beyond Your Current Level of Existence

  • The power of Courage in life and business
  • Creating and using Momentum Progress
  • Completing tasks expediently
  • Creating new possibilities
  • Identifying Your Next Step to Greater Performance
  • Accomplishing the Impossible
14:30 pm Afternoon Break
15:00 pm The Fire walk — Audience Members will experience first-hand the opportunity to walk on 1000 ºC hot coals

Overcoming Fear and Limitations With Your Mind

  • The Mental Mechanisms to directly deal with fear and limitations
  • Ignoring Limitations and making the Impossible—possible
  • Consistently achieving the impossible

Class Exercise—Actual Firewalk by Audience Members

Looking at Your Life and Work With a Wide Focus of Attention

  • Use the Genius Formula to solve problems and overcome tunnel vision
  • Deciding to become a better version of yourself
16:45 pm Q & A. Informal Reception, photo session, Autographs/Book Signing, and interviews…

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