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Strategic Acupuncture

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   Strategic Acupuncture

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21st August, 2012
Rembrandt Hotel,
Sukhumvit Bangkok
9:30 am To 12:30 pm

Strategic Acupuncture

Simplifying organisational change

The great 20th century scientist Albert Einstein said if you truly understand something it is simple. If it is not simple then you don’t understand it. Most of us fear organisational change and spend lavish amounts of money on it – both of which are entirely unnecessary. Strategic Acupuncture is a simple, unobtrusive way of designing deliberate, precisely calibrated change, in complex situations, with the least amount of resources and effort.

Validated by the most recent scientific evidence into dynamically complex systems, and refined over the past ten years as part of the Deep Design methodology invented by Richard Hames & Marvin Oka, we can now use Strategic Acupuncture as our main transformational tool in situations where wicked problems refuse to go away or when a situation is too slippery to pin down for any length of time. In Strategic Acupuncture desired change is precisely crafted by finding the most relevant acupuncture points in the system and changing (or eliminating) those factors that are causing the current situation to be the only one possible.


  • In this half-day Master Class you will learn to identify what kind of problem you are dealing with so that you do not spend time and effort solving the wrong problem or, worse still, try to get the wrong solution to work
  • You will learn how to remove unwanted abstractions and surplus data so as to visualise the present “state” of the system and how it differs from the “state” you most desire
  • You will learn to identify the underlying constraints that are causing the current problem
  • You will learn how to pinpoint and effect accurate change by asking the right questions and discovering what kind of pressure must be applied to the most critical pressure point
  • You will learn to guide change so that desired outcomes are achieved with a high degree of certainty.


One of the great management myths that still endure has to do with organisational change. Convention has it that organisational change of any kind is difficult and disruptive; requires elaborate, risky strategies; takes months or even years to implement; and invariably costs a lot of money. But that is not the case. So why spend millions of dollars on elaborate change programs, devised by people who do not know your business and that take months to implement? Why gamble with your organization’s culture when such initiatives are so disruptive and usually fall far short of what you actually need?

Over the past 20 years Richard Hames and The Hames Group have developed expertise in co-designing simple, low-cost, unobtrusive interventions that work. This knowledge can now be yours. In this half-day Master Class Richard Hames introduces you to the Strategic Acupuncture method and discloses why precise forensic “nudges” can achieve immediate results. Every time. In every situation. First a process of integral inquiry highlights the truth of what is actually happening. Second an analysis of unstructured data filters out any distracting elements, surfacing the smallest gaps between actual and desired situations. Third, design methods quickly pinpoint the simplest and most cost effective way to solve the designated problem.


  1. The sledgehammer and the needle – alternative approaches to change
  2. Understanding the forensic process of Strategic Acupuncture (Inquiry–Analysis–Design)
  3. Interrogating the system by asking the right questions at the right time
  4. Understanding constraints within the system and how they cause problems to manifest
  5. Determining possible solutions and their consequences
  6. Crafting in precise detail the smartest, most unobtrusive, action (or set of actions) to be implemented.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn directly from Dr. Richard Hames & understand what it takes to be an authentic leader & find out all the answers to the Leadership Dilemmas we face…….

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